Fans of the PES series, one of the more successful soccer games series developed by Konami, will be happy to know that the franchise has finally landed on iOS with a new management game.

PES Club Manager, developed by Konami as the rest of the series, has been soft-launched on the Australian App Store and it will be released on a yet to be confirmed date in all other regions. The game comes with some interesting features that have never been seen in other management games such as the ability to build a club house and go around a small town and more. While these new features aren’t the main focus of the game, they’re a nice diversion that fans of the SimCity series and other similar games will surely enjoy¬†Another feature that sets PES Club Manager apart from other games are 3D matches, which is an absolute first for mobile management games.

For the rest, PES Club Manager comes with features fans of the genre expect like over 5000 licensed players, plenty of strategies to employ before and during the match and more.

PES Club Manager is now available on the Australian App Store as a free to play game. We will let you know when the game hits all other regions as soon as possible so stay tuned for more.



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