Are you ready kids?! SpongeBob is back in an all new city building game! SpongeBob Moves In details the very start of SpongeBob’s life as he moves into Bikini Bottom for the first time. Rebuild Bikini Bottom as you see fit and keep the town happy with our SpongeBob Moves In cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Fulfill the character wishes!

When your moved in characters are roaming the roads of Bikini Bottom, you’ll see a thought bubble floating over their head. Inside the thought bubble is a random item. If you can give the item to the character, their wish will be fulfilled and you’ll be rewarded with experience points and coins!

2. Complete the quests!

Quests are given to you often, and you should be constantly working towards them. You are almost always given a new one whenever you complete one, so you’ll never be without something to do. Quests reward you with a lot of coins and experience, and sometimes you’ll even get jellyfish jelly, the premium currency!

3. Keep your characters occupied!

The various inhabitants of Bikini Bottom can be given “stuff” to do. That’s right, stuff! Tap on an idle character and you’ll see a list of actions they can complete. These actions are free and once completed they reward you with experience and coins! Depending on how frequent you will be playing the game, it’s best to pick the options that fit your play style. Some of the stuff to do take only a couple minutes while some take a whole day.

4. Keep your food stocks high!

Characters will only wish for completed food items, such as the Krabby Patties or Salads. Even if you have no active wishes to fulfill, you should always have some completed food items in stock so you can serve your characters at will.

5. Keep the gardens seeded!

The basis of all the finished dishes require raw ingredients like lettuce and tomatoes. Always keep your garden planted so that you’re constantly bringing in ingredients. Don’t let any garden plots sit idle! Remember, the more wishes you can fulfill the more coins you can make!

6. Visit Patchy’s Bikini Bottom!

Once you gain a couple of levels, you’ll be able to visit Patchy’s Bikini Bottom. Patchy has his own version of Bikini Bottom already thriving, but you can visit daily to search for buried treasure chests. If you can find them, they’re worth around 100 coins! Be sure to visit once every day.

Tomorrow will be back with another guide on getting more characters. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. How to search for treasure in Patchy’s Bikini Bottom? I tap a white weed on right hand side and it shows me a shovel that will cost 5 coin to dig. I have way more than just 5 coins, but it still won’t dig. I tap on all the houses/things and people, and still, no treasure.


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