Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons in Splatoon 3


Splatoon 3 is the latest installment in the incredibly entertaining series of shooters for Nintendo consoles. Players can choose different characters, skills, and weapons to fight in exciting multiplayer matches or single-player modes. You will be able to create an ideal build for you. And in this guide, we will tell you about the Best Weapons in Splatoon 3.

Best Weapons in Splatoon 3

Depending on which mode you are playing in Splatoon 3, you will need to use different Weapons. It is also important to choose guns that suit your abilities. There are over 50 different guns in the game. 

Some you can unlock at the beginning of the game, and some will take a little time. But luckily, even the starting guns can be very useful in matches. Therefore, we have created a Tier List of the best weapons in the game. 

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Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List

S.52 Gal, Splattershot, Hero Shot Replica, Sloshing Machine
AHydra Splatling, Heavy Splatling, Dualie Squelchers, Squeezer, N-ZAP ’85, Glooga Dualies, Flingza Roller, E-liter 4K Scope, E-liter 4K, Dark Tetra Dualies, Blaster, Slosher
BSplash-o-Matic, Rapid Blaster, Range Blaster, H-3 Nozzlenose, Ballpoint Splatling, Splattershot Jr., Splat Roller, Splat Dualies, Dynamo Roller, Dapple Dualies, Classic Squiffer, Bamboozler 14 MK 1, Nautilus 47, Luna Blaster, L-3 Nozzlenose, Inkbrush, Goo Tuber, Explosher
CSplat Charger, Splat Brella, REEF LUX 450, Rapid Blaster Pro, Octobrush, Tri-Slosher, Tenta Brella, Sploosh-o-Matic, Splattershot Pro, Splatterscope
DClash Blaster, Carbon Roller, Bloblobber, Aerospray MG, .96 Gal, Undercover Brella, Splatana Wiper, Mini Splatling, Tri-Stringer, Splatana Stamper, Jet Squelcher

The S-tier contains the best weapons in the game. It is effective in all modes. In the A and B-tiers, you find Weapons that also perform well, but it is worse than in the S tier. C-tier Weapons can only be useful in certain modes and combinations with certain abilities. Finally, the D-tier contains the weakest Weapon in the game.

That’s all you need to know about the best weapons in Splatoon 3. Use our Tier List to choose the best gun. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to fix Communication Errors.

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Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons in Splatoon 3


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