Splashy Cats puts you right in the middle of a frantic river rapids run! Control a poor cat as its hanging on for dear life as you navigate the twisty river. Simply tap and your cat will change directions. Splashy Cats is an obvious nod to the Flappy Bird inspired genre of games, so this one is pretty tough yet addicting. We’ll help you ford the river with the help of ourĀ Splashy Cats cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Act fast!

Normally, with these kinds of games, we would tell you to take your time and not rush as that’s a surefire way to meet your untimely end. Unfortunately, Splashy Cats is all about reacting in time to different curves and bends in the road – or should we say river! This seems like a natural thing to be aware of, but it always helps to look ahead. Just focus on what shows up in river ahead of you, and you should be able to react accordingly.

2. Watch out for the different paths!

After a while, you should get the hang of turning through the river bends naturally. Then, the real challenge comes: multiple paths! After a bend, you might notice that the river turns into a small “lake”, and you’ll see different paths. Be very careful here, as it’s very easy to nick a rock or stretch of land. Also, make sure you wait a tiny a bit before committing to a path, because some of the paths will lead to a dead end, causing an unnecessary death!

3. Enable notifications!

You can collect a free gift every couple of minutes. Free gifts will usually contain around 100+ coins, which is enough to buy yourself a new prize. Prizes are nothing more than different costumes for your cat, but it’s still fun to open a prize! Make sure to enable notifications for the game so you know when your next free gift is available for pick up.

4. Follow the coins!

In addition to the multiple paths, you may encounter coins floating around the river. If you see them, make sure to follow them – they usually are there to show you which path is the “right” one. There are usually multiple ways to go with only one dead end, but the path with the coins is guaranteed to be dead end free. Just be aware that the path with the coins is also usually the harder path to navigate, so be ready for everything!

5. Practice!

Aside from everything we’ve listed here, the core of the game all depends on your own skill. Keep practicing and don’t give up! Make sure to take breaks every now and then so you don’t get frustrated and take the fun out of the game. Eventually you’ll be able to navigate anything effortlessly, so keep going!

That’s all for Splashy Cats. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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