DeNa has just launched a really nice and addictive underwater simulator under the name of Splash: Underwater Sanctuary, a game where you grow fish and other species, discover new ones and help them get to maturity before releasing them for an amazing life in the ocean. But we’re not here to talk about the basics, we’re here to talk about some Splash game cheats and tips that will help you get the most out of this title quickly and even better, help you unlock all the fish in the game and ace them like a pro!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Splash game cheats below!

Get all fish that you can
At first, you shouldn’t worry too much about the types of fish that you will get. Just make sure to always have the maximum number floating around and feed them to maturity, in order to get more ingredients for the more difficult to get fish. Check them out at all times and start learning the requirements, but early on you can be as random as you like and you’ll still progress relatively fast.

Start working on the set mastery
Releasing a specific number of fish in each set gives you set mastery, which rewards you with goodies, especially premium tickets for the Hermit Crab. Learn what are the requirements for each type of fish and slowly work to have them all done. Don’t ignore the basic breed, though (the first that you have unlocked): you’ll need a lot of those to actually get the materials for the more complex and difficult to get fish. One good idea would be to focus on a set at a time.

Upgrade constantly
You can upgrade your Inventory to hold more items (extremely useful, especially later on when you will need a ton of materials) or the Green Food Pot which gives you food discounts for each upgrade level. Getting the materials to do this is extremely difficult as the drop rate is really rare, so if you want something to spend your Spashcash on, this is the where to do it!

Get decorations in a set until you win the rare one
The rare decoration is marked by a blue question mark – that’s a special one, and that’s what you should be aiming for. The more decorations you unlock, the bigger your chances to get it. Just make sure you don’t tap the double arrows icon, because that shuffles the board and has you start over (and therefore decreases your chances of getting the rare decoration). And don’t hurry to sell them all, always keep at least a couple in your inventory for when you unlock a new area.

How to get more Splashcash & Keys
These are really difficult to get: Spalshcash is the premium currency and can be mostly obtained by spending real money. However, the fish will drop some for free every now and then, but you’ll have some serious waiting to do in order to get a decent amount. Keys are offered when you level up, so always feed the fish and release them to gain experience and level up – you can use the keys to unlock new areas and new sets of fish too!

Keep an eye on your inventory
Always know what type of materials you need for your next fish and work to get those. Sell all the materials you don’t need, but make sure that you actually have enough to be able to get some fish after you release those that you already have. You just don’t want to end up forced to spend Splashcash on materials because you don’t have enough of those for any type of fish!

Splash: Underwater Sanctuary is a relaxing game, a long term investment type of game, so be patient and keep working on getting where you want to get. And if you have other tips and tricks to share with us, let us know by commenting below!


  1. one tip that I learned is to keep your decorations on the reef that yield the most coins whole you’re not laying. When you start playing, cash them all out and quickly replace them with the decorations that yield the least but in the qpuickest amount of time. You’ll earn way more money while you’re playing with the decorations that yield 5 coins every 30 seconds as long as you stay on top of them


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