If you’ve been a member of the beautiful (and quite massive) world of Spiritwish, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about the new updated which brings about not just a new mode, but new content as well which looks as promising and interesting as you’d expect.

In the latest patch, Spiritwish has finally received the Guild Clash mode, which is a massive PvP event that lets players try to become the best in every battle. This Guild Clash will be available daily, at 22:00 local time. Then, players can log and go against other guilds competing to become the best on the server! Not only that, but players will also receive useful ATK buffs to help them clear dungeons much easier!

On top of that, the top 20 guilds that win in Guild Clash will earn border reward nicknames. But I mentioned that there is more than just Guild Clash, and that’s true! The game has added several new Field Boss Monsters which can be challenged, and the strongest damage dealers rewarded for the kill!

But wait! That’s not everything! There have been two new Rare heroes added as well: Valkyrie, a melee fighter who uses the light spear to fight enemies, and Marauder, who wields the crossbow and light light spear!

And since it’s been Valentine’s Day, there is also the Rose Event which will reward players with roses from Daily Dungeons, Co-Op Raids, Weekly Raids and from the Premium Shop, which can be used and exchange for various necklaces and rings!

The Spearman and Thief also have received two new quests which they offer players who want to unlock their cards, and learn more about them!

On a last note, Kaleva Journey now offers 3 missions for players, who can do them if they want to obtain Blue Diamonds, EXP and Gold!

If you haven’t tried the game yet, you can download it for free from Google Play and App Store!


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