The team over at Ketchapp is back with an all new game – Spiral! Spiral is a super tough but addicting one touch one life game. Ready for another hard challenge? This time you’ll be guiding a ball down a spiral path complete with a bunch of walls in the way. Tap to jump over the walls, as always the case, it’s easier said than done! To get over these walls you’ll need precise timing and because of the spiral perspective, your own eyes might throw you off! We’re here to help you master the spiral descent with our Spiral cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Ketchapp’s games are all simple and easy to pick up, but they are very hard to master. Spiral is no stranger to this rule, so we’ve have a couple of tips for you here in our Spiral tips and tricks guide. Practice makes perfect!


1. Ignore the gems!

We’ll come right out with it – Spiral is a really challenging game! We highly recommend on your first couple of runs to just completely outright ignore the gems. We found that – at least in our own experience – the gems were incredibly distracting and would trick us into thinking they were obstacles. The gems would make us jump preemptively and then we’d smack right into a wall. For the sake of getting used to the game, just pretend they don’t even exist and focus on staying alive. It’s not like you have to go out of your way to get them anyways, so just keep your eyes off of them.

2. Keep your eyes in one place!

You’ll need to focus and concentrate like you’ve never done before if you want to survive this spiral ride! Your mileage may vary on this but we’ve noticed it helps to keep your eyes locked in one position. The obstacles will speed up in increments but the increase is so negligible you won’t notice until you get much further in the game. That’s why we recommend just locking you eyes to one place and watch for the oncoming obstacles. Our favorite place is the curve right in front of your ball. When you see a wall coming around the bend it gives you just enough time to react. Once you get used to this strategy you can also take a peek down every now and then to see what’s coming up. This will be useful once the game starts to speed up.

3. Play with the sound on!

It helps us a bit with timing when the sound is on. Every time you jump over a wall you’ll hear a sound that progressively gets louder and louder with each successive jump. The tone you hear whenever you pick up a gem helps a bit too. If you actively listen, you can hear sort of a rhythm in between jumps. It may or may not help you, but it doesn’t hurt to try, so pump up the volume and see if it helps with your concentration. Just keep in mind that the game does eventually speed up, but as we mention in very slight increments.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

When it comes down to it most of your success in this game will depend on how used you are to the rhythm of the game. You’ll only get better if you keep playing, so just keep at it! Just beware that every fifth or so attempt the game will pull up full screen advertisement that is very easy to accidentally tap on.

That’s all for Spiral, a really tricky game. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.



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