The fidget spinner craze is at its highest points currently and it seems that it will be some time before the bubble bursts. Spinners vs Monsters is a really fun game created by Crazy Labs that pits the endless spinners against dangerous monsters. Your goal is to slay as many as possible and keep on spinning, but that’s not an easy thing to do! This is why we’re here to share with you some Spinners vs Monsters cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide.

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But for now, let’s check out below some Spinners vs Monsters tips and tricks!

1. Don’t focus on getting new spinners

I know that they are cool and you’re curious to see how each of them plays… but the truth is that there’s absolutely no difference: just the looks differ. So keep your hard earned coins and buy Power Ups instead! You can put them to a much better use to progress further!

2. What Power-ups to get

You only have two, so the choice shouldn’t be too difficult. I personally prefer the +1 heart power-up since this basically gives you an extra life, so you get to continue after losing all your hit points. This is huge if you’re looking to hit a super high score, so always consider this purchase to be the best of all the others you can make in the game!

3. How to stay alive & score more points

This is, in the end, the most important thing in the game. Staying alive is based on your skill and strategy to destroy the monsters without getting hit by their projectiles or spiked shields.

I personally feel like the spiked monsters are the worst in the game and they represent about 90% of my causes of death. However, it is easier to deal with them if you have the following things in mind:

– there are two types of spiked monsters. The ones with a purple spiked shield will advance slowly in one direction, while the ones with a light blue shield will dash forward on larger distances. Therefore, these are the most dangerous ones in my opinion.
– in order to deal with them, unless you can easily go around them and destroy them, it’s best to lure them into a direction and after they dash forward, quickly go around and destroy. They have to be dealt with first, otherwise you will have a much more difficult life in the game
– in the cases where multiple spiked monsters are on the screen, try to move them away from each other. Lure them using the method recommended above, them deal with the slow moving ones first because they’re easier to be dealt with and crowd up the place too much. Then take out the fast one(s).

The other monsters are really easy to deal with – just try to keep an eye on the throwers, but they are usually easy to avoid. Finally, keep in mind that it’s best to try and take out the dynamite ones before they get the chance to throw.

4. Know where the monsters are spawning

Before a new bunch of monsters spawns on the screen, their shadows will appear before they do. This helps you prepare and move away. You can stay near a spawning point and immediately take the monster out, but there’s a chance that it will be a spiked one aimed at you already and you’ll lose hit points. So it’s best to play it safe and keep the distance.

5. Pick up everything!
I think that this goes without saying: pick up everything the monsters drop, especially the lightning bolts which basically regenerate your hit points.

This is the type of game that you play over and over again. Practice makes perfect and a little bit of luck always helps. Keep our tips and tricks in mind and you’ll get the most out of Spinners vs Monsters!


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