Best Fidget Spinner Games on Mobile


The fidget spinner craze is taking over the world! And as if the actual toys weren’t enough, mobile game developers are also giving us a ton of great fidget spinner games, with some very inventive and original approaches. No matter if you are a fan of the endless spinners or not, you will surely love the games we’re recommending today!

Below we are sharing with you the best fidget spinning games that you can play on mobile right now. Prepare to get addicted once again because these games are fun and deceptively easy! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check them out below!

Fidget Spinner / Finger Spinner by Ketchapp

A true sensation and the most played game on iTunes at the moment. How long can you keep it spinning? Download the game on the App Store or Google Play and read our guide to get better!

Fidget Spinner Collector

Do you feel that you have to collect ’em all? This game challenges you to do so and it won’t be easy! Collect, fuse and evolve Fidget Spinners in this fun little game. Available only on iOS for now.

Spinny Fidget

A game that really puts your skill to great test. Spin the toy and match the falling ball color with the color on the fidget. Fun and addictive! Get it for iOS or Android.

Spinners vs. Monsters

A really fun take on the popular toy: destroy monsters and keep spinning while you do so. We’ll have a guide on that shortly, so don’t forget to check back on Touch Tap Play if you’re having trouble beating the game. Until then, download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Tappy Fidget Spin

Tap to rotate the spinny circle to the correct color before the spinny fidget lands or it’s GAME OVER. Tappy Fidget Spin tests your reaction time and reflexes while allowing you to get into a soothing rhythm to relax and get into a deep zen trance. Available on iOS [get] and Android [get].

I am sure that in the near future, even more creative fidget spinner games will be released. Until then, we can pick up one of the best physical fidget spinners and practice. Keep on spinnin’!

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Best Fidget Spinner Games on Mobile



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