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Spike City Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Spike City Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Spiky platforming action awaits you in Spike City, a new one-touch game from the clever minds at Nitrome. Play as a block guy with a spike on his head and dash through a colorful city full of obstacles and treasure! Exciting boss battles await you once you go far enough, and our Spike City cheats and tips will show you how to maneuver through the city!

Spike City is another good example of Nitrome’s design philosophy of easy to pick up but difficult to master game play. With that said, we’ve nailed down a bit of Spike City’s tricks so lets get started with our Spike City cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Upgrade your power ups first!

At first, it’ll seem like the only thing you can spend your coins on are outfit options for your little block dude. While getting new colors, hats, and faces is fun, they don’t actually change anything about the way you play. If you don’t care about the customization, then your coins may be better spent on power ups.

Go back to the main menu and go to the custom menu. You’ll be able to head into the power ups section from here. You can spend your hard-earned coins here to increase the duration of your favorite power ups. The first upgrade is pretty costly at 100 coins, but it’s worth it as the power ups are all pretty helpful.

Hold to stick in place!

The most important trick to Spike City is holding after you swipe. This will make you stick in place to wherever you dashed to. You’ll learn this technique early on since it’s needed to open the locked blocks, but it’s useful in a lot of situations.

You can stick to conveyor belts to travel without having to dash. While this sounds mundane, remember that you cannot dash again mid-dash, which makes this technique necessary to reach certain areas.

Sometimes, you’ll be placed in situations where you’re way too close to enemies. More often than not you’ll need to stick yourself in a spot and wait for the opportune moment to come. When the time is right, let go, position yourself, and dash through the enemies to take them out!

And finally, you’ll notice that most of the coins you can pick up are out of your way and require some finesse to reach. You’ll have to use the sticking technique to reach some tricky places!

Let yourself float down!

The other movement trick you should keep in mind is just letting yourself free fall. Your blocky dude floats down if you don’t stick to a surface, but don’t worry – he descends down like a gentle leaf! This gives you enough time to line up tricky dashes, wait for hazards and enemies pass by, and more.

So, to recap, the two important techniques you need to master are floating and sticking. Nail these two movement mechanics down and you’ll be able to navigate Spike City like a pro!

Take your time and don’t panic!

Lava slowly rises below your block dude as you navigate spike city. Eventually it will rise up enough to reach you and it’s an instant kill! Don’t fret though, as it’s actually not as dangerous as it seems.

The lava rises very slowly and doesn’t speed up until you are very far into the city, so you can actually take your time if you need to. Go ahead and go for those out-of-the-way coins!

That’s all for Spike City. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Spike City Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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