Evil has arisen, but so have the duskwalkers. As a group of gifted people, duskwalkers wield the ability to morph elemental energies into devastating magical attacks. You are one such duskwalker and now it’s up to you to drive evil back from whence it came. Spellfall is a match-3 puzzle game with an RPG twist; find new equipment, choose your own spells, level up and master your own specialized runes to give you an edge in battle. Match tiles and conquer evil with the help of our Spellfall cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

1. Know your enemy; use the right element!


When you tap on a level, you’ll be shown an info pane that lists the stats of the monsters you’ll be fighting. Most monsters will be weak to a specific element, so during battle you should try to match that element as much as you can. Certain weapons also have specific elemental boosters on them too, so equipping those well help as well.

2. Actively switch up your runes according to your next move!

Runes are special ability spells that go in the sockets on your equipment. They come in two flavors: active and passive. Passive runes are always activated as long as they’re socketed, but active runes must be charged to be used. Each rune has a color that matches with a magic element; matching that corresponding element will charge the meter at the bottom. When full, your rune is ready to be activated! You can bring as many runes as your equipment allows with you into battle, and you can switch between active runes by tapping the button at the bottom left. However, keep in mind that only your currently selected rune can be charged, so even if you match an element that corresponds to one of your runes, it will not be charged if it isn’t selected. When a rune is fully charged but you don’t want to use it yet, switch to another rune that isn’t ready and start working on that one for maximum efficiency. Do note that you can switch runes whenever the board is visible; when cascade chains are occurring you can still switch!

3. Keep your heal rune charged and ready!

You will be given a heal rune during the tutorial, which heals you for 250 health when activated. It’s very handy! Remember that rune charge is carried across levels (unless you are defeated), so keep it around if you don’t really need it. With that said, the heal rune can save your life when you’re in a pinch, so be sure to charge it and save it for emergencies. If you’re confident enough to recharge it quickly, you can go ahead and use it to top yourself off at the end of a level to be primed and ready for the next level.

4. Try to create Convert tiles!

Convert tiles are created when you match four or more elements. They have three variations: horizontal, which is created when you match 4+ tiles horizontally, same for creating vertical tiles. You can also form the much more trickier dual convert tile, which is basically matching elements in a plus formation. Regardless of whichever one you form, you’ll be left with a convert tile afterwards. Matching the convert tile two other matching elements will turn the entire row or column – depending on which convert tile you formed – into that same element, giving you a big chain. These are great for big charges to your runes and doing a lot of damage.

5. Try to formulate big chains!

Remember, you’re not timed on anything! Take your time and try to predict where elements are going to drop, and using that knowledge set up big chains for massive damage. Whenever you match elements sometimes they will leave behind a glowing element. These are called spell tiles; the bigger the match, the higher the chance. When spell tiles are matched, you’ll automatically attack with a corresponding spell, dealing good damage. If it’s caught in a cascade, it’ll do even more damage! If there are two spell tiles of the same type, they’ll combine at the end in the cascade for one big spell!

6. Think ahead!

For the first couple of levels, you can probably get by with just matching 3 elements and hoping for luck to do the rest. When you get to the second region though, the enemies will get drastically stronger, so you need to start strategizing. Plan ahead, and get out of the habit of just thinking for the closest 3 match. Going off of the tip above, you need to always be thinking one step ahead. Where will the tiles around this match go after they’re gone? Will they form a combo? One step ahead – ideally two steps ahead – is where you want to be when you’re shifting tiles around.

7. If you’re planning to stick around for the long run, be sure to play the game at least once every day!

There is a daily rewards calendar for this game; you can check it at the top left of the world map. Every day you check in you’re given a reward, and if you manage to play the game for almost a month straight, you’ll be rewarded with a really epic sword that gets stronger as you level up! It’s worth mentioning that the sword in question has a 79.99$ (!) value, so it’s not something to take lightly!

That should be good for starting out. Remember: take your time, plan out your chain, exploit your enemy’s weakness, and keep your equipment updated! If you have any other suggestions or questions, leave a comment below! Have fun and good luck, duskwalker!




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