Speed Demons Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Completing All Game Modes

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Blaze through the highway in Speed Demons, the ultimate freeway racing game. Partake in multiple game modes that have you rampaging through traffic and carefully swerving through rival cars. With multiple cars to own and tons of challenges to play, the race never ends!

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In our Speed Demons tips and tricks, we will go over the basic tricks to know to boost your times, and we will also go over the various game modes and give you specific tips there. Let’s get started with our Speed Demons cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to completing all game modes!

Get a feel for the controls!

In Speed Demons, you bob and weave through heavy traffic by swiping the screen to steer. Depending on how far your swipes are, your car will move farther. If you are looking to narrowly pass traffic, it is good to use small swipe to move your car gently. You will get too wobbly if you start making big swipes.

You can tap and hold with two fingers to activate your brakes at any time. If you are about to crash into a divider or a big truck, be sure to hit the brakes before it is too late. It is better to slow down rather than waste a lot of time crashing and trying to recover!

Two-finger taps also activates special abilities, like the Enforcer’s missile blast. Keep this in mind and try not to slow yourself down too much.

Side note: Speed Demons is fully compatible with bluetooth enabled controllers, and playing with a controller may give you more control over your steering, so we recommend that if you have one.

Choose the right side of the road!

On certain courses, the highway will actually split with a divider between. More often than not one side of the highway will be a lot wider than the other side, so make sure you choose the side that fits your objective.

If you are trying to get ahead of the pack and race to finish or beat your rivals, then you will probably want the wider road as you have more space to maneuver around other cars.

If you are trying to take down other cars or build up road rage, then the smaller road might be better, because it is easier to ram into densely packed cars.

Activate Road Rage!

On some levels you may noticed an active modifier called Road Rage. If you crash into a bunch of cars in a short period of time, you will eventually activate Road Rage. Your car turns red and gets a significant speed boost, and the slightest tap to any car will cause it to explode.

Road Rage is extremely helpful for clearing out the road, and it is almost necessary to win some of the game modes where you need to takedown a certain number of cars. Play aggressively to activate it faster, and use it to your advantage!

Complete Game Mode Guide: How to Get All Stars


The Race game mode is the first and most common mode you will see. Nothing beats a good old fashioned race, so go neck-and-neck with your opponents and try to make it to the finish line first. In order to get all three stars, you need to place first!

There is not much to this mode other than just trying to steer clear of other drives and obstacles. As long as you can swiftly steer through traffice, you should be able to get first no problem. It is usually best to pour your upgrade points into your maximum speed for this event.


In Rampage your goal is to take down as many cars as possible. Enhanced Vehicle and Road Rage are active modifiers during this game mode, so your car can plow through other vehicles without slowing down too much, and if you activate Road Rage you can destroy them all!

To hit the quota for destroyed cars, you need to play very aggressively. Try to activate Road Rage as soon as you can, then start slamming into as many cars as possible. You do not need a lot of finesse for this one, and that is perfectly fine with us!


You are being pursued by a group of blue Enforcers in Escape, and you must reach the finish line to escape and earn all three stars. Enforcers are much faster than you, and their main tactic is to speed up past you and then slam on the brakes to collide with you.

Be careful – in this mode you have a health bar at the top of the screen. All collisions will reduce your health, and if it drops to zero you will be destroyed on the spot!

To escape, carefully watch the Enforcers around you. As soon as they pass you and start to turn sharply, start drifting out of the way to avoid them crashing into you. If you are fast enough you should be able to evade them.


Checkpoint is a lot like a standard race, but you are on a strict time limit. You only have a few seconds to start with, but if you can make it to the next checkpoint, you will gain additional time.

This mode is all about being quick and staying ahead, so we recommend the speed upgrades for this mode too. The faster you are, the more breathing room you have to work with.


In Rally you must pull ahead as many Demon cars (the red ones) as possible. Think of it as a slightly altered Race mode – the main focus is going as fast as you can. Road Rage is an active modifier however, so if you want you can be a little aggressive if you prefer that.

There is not much to say here other than to just drive smoothly and avoid other cars (unless you want Road Rage) and you should be able to pass a bunch of Demon cars.


Here is the fun one! In Purusit, you must take down a certain number of target Demon cars, just like in Rampage. However, this time YOU are in control of the Enforcer, so you have access to their special missiles.

You can launch the missiles by tapping the screen with two fingers. The missile launches in front of you and travels a short distance before exploding. It will also explode on contact with anything it touches, so you can make short work of the Demon cars.


Mayhem is fun, but sometimes you just wanna get away from it all and take a nice, peaceful drive down the highway, which is exactly what Cruise is. In Cruise, you have no objective; simply drive all the way to the end of the course and the star is yours. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


Takedown is like Rampage and Pursuit, but you drive an Enforcer instead of a Demon Car. You do not have access to the Enforcer’s missiles, but you do have Road Rage as an active modifier, so go ahead and take advantage of that. This mode is not much different besides that, so do what you do best!

Switch your upgrades around!

Whenever you earn stars on a level, you will gain some gold coins for your troubles. These coins can be spent to unlock upgrade points for your cars, and each car has their own individual upgrade points.

You will start off with only the Tornado, but it will demonstrate how the upgrade system works. When you buy upgrade points, you are not actually upgrading your car’s systems but giving yourself the ability to do so.

Cars have two upgrades: speed and handling. Putting points into speed increases your car’s top speed, while handling gives you more control over the car. Each car has only two upgrade points to work with.

Upgrading one of the two categories is not a final choice as your upgrade points can be swapped around at will for free. Want to be all around and have one point into each category, or do you want to be a speed demon and put both points into speed? The choice is yours, and you can be flexible to match the game mode you are trying to complete!

And with that, you are on your way to becoming a true speed demon! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Speed Demons Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Completing All Game Modes

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