You have kicked the bucket and your last breath has escape you… and now the otherworldly realm of the afterlife awaits you. You never really did get to experience true love, but what if we told you that it is not too late?

Speed Dating for Ghosts is a quirky indie game where players get the chance to chat up a bunch of different ghosts who have all met their untimely end. Anything can happen in the afterlife, so who knows – maybe dying is not so bad after all.

There are a bunch of ghosts for players to talk to, and they each have their own unique individual personalities. Want to talk up the hot head who enjoyed messing with rich people in Vegas? You can do that, or you can opt to talk to the little doggy ghost who is looking for his owner.

Speed Dating for Ghosts is a heartfelt journey of companionship, love, and loss told through a minimalistic and charming aesthetic. As you learn how each ghost lived their life and how they passed, you can help them find peace… if you say the right words. Remember: this is still considered dating, so first impressions are important.

Speed Dating for Ghosts is available now on the App Store for 2.99 USD.


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