Spartan Firefight Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning All Modes

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Welcome to the firefight! Spartan Firefight is a 2D platformer shooter that is based on Bungie’s Halo series. You play as fresh Spartan ready to join the battle. Wield weapons that are from the Halo games and customize your Spartan to your liking and conquer the battlefield!

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In our Spartan Firefight tips and tricks guide, we will go over all the different modes and how to win in them. We will also cover the weapons, because you need to know them all! Let’s get started with our Spartan Firefight cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to winning all modes!

Crouching is a big help!

As you move your Spartan around the hilly terrains, you may notice that there is a lot of uneven ground. Your shots may miss some of the shorter enemies, but there is one easy fix for that – crouch!

Yes, a simple swipe down on the virtual joystick will make your Spartan crouch. Your shots will be lower to the ground, making them more likely to hit shorter targets. This also doubles as an evasive maneuver, because ducking might put you out of harm’s way.

The closer you are to an enemy, the more likely this is to work. Either way, crouching is a good tactic to use so make sure you do it often!

Use your grenades on the big enemies!

You start every life equipped with three grenades. Grenades are tossed in an arc that you must get used to, but landing a direct hit on an enemy is almost always a guaranteed instant kill.

You get an extra grenade every time you find an ammo box to refill your ammo at, so do not be afraid to use them on the big guys. Your guns do not work as well on them – do not forget about your grenades!

Don’t empty your clip if you want to save your gun!

The way reloading works in Spartan Firefight is a little strange. Periodically, one of the ammo boxes on the map will be highlighted, meaning you can walk by it to refill your ammo and get a grenade.

This happens in intervals, and you have to be quick because eventually they will despawn and you will not be able to reload. One thing to remember is that if you run out of ammo for any weapon, it is considered destroyed, and any active ammo boxes will immediately despawn.

Why this happens is beyond us, but if you are about to run empty on your main weapon, be sure not to completely empty it out. Quickly run to the highlighted ammo box to get your weapon refilled.

Grab a new gun if it pops up!

In addition to ammo boxes becoming active, sometimes the weapon pods around the map will also open and reveal a new weapon inside. Run through the weapon to pick it up, replacing your current main weapon.

To be efficient, we recommend burning through your main weapon before picking up a new gun because you can only hold onto one gun at a time, your Magnum sidearm not counting as a gun.

Also, sharp-eyed players may have noticed that you can get weapons from the pods that you have not unlocked through ranking yet. You have a chance to pick up any weapon, you just cannot upgrade them until you unlock them properly.

Melee attacks and your Magnum are helpful in a pinch!

If you run out of ammo for your main gun, you will be forced to use your Magnum. Each shot deals the same amount of damage, but it has a much slower rate of fire compared to the Assault Rifle.

It can be helpful in a pinch, but it may be more advantageous to just go up to people and smack them! If you press the fire button while standing very close to an enemy, your Spartan will perform a melee attack. Melee attacks are very powerful and it usually only takes 1-2 hits to take out a common foe.

Complete weapon guide!

Your Spartan’s starting weapons are the Magnum and the Assault Rifle. The Magnum, as previously mentioned, is helpful in emergencies but should not be used too often. The Assault Rifle is your basic automatic rifle, perfect for any situation.

At Apprentice rank, you will unlock the Battle Rifle. The Battle Rifle has similar stats to the Assault Rifle, but it is semi-automatic. Tap the fire button to shoot a quick three-round burst. It can take foes out slightly faster than the Assault Rifle.

At Corporal rank, you will unlock the Shotgun. The Shotgun shoots out a spread of smoke in front it visually, and anything caught in this blast will take devastating damage. The Shotgun only has a few rounds, but you can take out practically anything in one shot.

At Gunnery Sergeant rank, you will unlock the Sniper Rifle. The Sniper Rifle fires a powerful shot straight forward with no spread, giving it deadly precision. One or two shots is enough to take out most enemies at safe distances.

At Captain rank, you will unlock the Rocket Launcher. We feel this weapon is self-explanatory, but just in case: it BLOWS things up. You get two rockets which will instantly kill all enemies in one hit. Anything caught in the blast is a goner too!

At Commander rank, you will unlock the all-powerful Spartan Laser. Think of it as a supercharged Sniper Rifle – firing it will shoot a red laser straight ahead that pierces through anything. With proper timing and aiming, you can wipe out a large group of enemies with one shot.

As a reminder: you do not actually need to unlock the weapon for a chance to get it from the random weapon pods during a firefight. Unlocking a weapon gives you the option to upgrade it.

Complete game mode guide!

The first and main game mode you will play is the Firefight mode. This is the most straight forward mode, as you will battle through hordes of Covenant enemies. Enemies are split between waves, and each wave gets progressively harder. Surviving long in this mode requires careful ammo usage and making sure to refill at every chance you get.

Infection puts you in the middle of a Flood swarm. The Flood are parasites that control other enemies, and they will bum rush you in order to attack you with their razor sharp claws. You start off with a Shotgun in this mode, and you are going to need it! Be very careful not to run out of ammo for the Shotgun, or it is probably lights out for you!

Red vs Blue is a battle with AI Spartans. You have two computer-controlled Spartan teammates, and you are going up against three enemy Spartans. This means that you will need to dodge gun fire and adapt to the enemies being able to do everything you can! Grab the best gun you can find and give it your all!

King of the Hill is a battle against the Covenant for territory control. Some part of the map will be highlighted, and you must stay in this highlighted area to earn points while fending off the Covenant. The hill will change locations after a few seconds, so you must stay on the move.

Capture the Flag is the classic mode everyone loves. In this mode, you will be chased down by the Covenant as usual, but you must go to the opposite side of the map to grab the flag and bring it back to the side you spawned on. When you have the flag, you can only perform melee attacks, so be careful!

In Oddball, you must find a skull somewhere on the map. When you grab it, you will start to score points over time. However, it is just like the flag meaning you cannot do anything but jump and melee attack, so you will need to fight for your life with the skull in hand!

And that’s all for Spartan Firefight! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Spartan Firefight Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Winning All Modes

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