Sparkle Unleashed Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Sparkling


I fondly remember the days when I played games like Zuma and Luxor on my computer, smashing the mouse and going all crazy for not being able to complete all the levels at insane speeds. All those fond memories were brought back to live by Sparkle Unleashed, an iPhone and iPad game that follows the same concept. And to prevent you from smashing your device, since it’s slightly more expensive than a mouse, I have decided to create this Sparkle Unleashed cheats article and share with you a complete set of tips and tricks for the game that will hopefully help you move forward without any trouble.

So let’s carry on and let’s check out the Sparkle Unleashed tips and cheats in out guide below!

What Power-ups to choose
Power-ups are few and scarce and choosing the right ones might help you a lot in the game. They are randomly awarded in the game, but extremely useful. So here is my list of the power-ups that you should get:

– Color Splash (for an easier removal of orbs, you can go all the way up with this)
– Backwards (you can always take advantage of the orbs going back)
– Wrath of Moon (I left this one for last since you need quite a few keys to get to it, but it’s extremely useful since it rids you of those bad single orbs)

Always know the incoming orb
The incoming orb is shown under the orb you’re shooting. Always know what orb is coming to better prepare your shots.

Quickly get rid of useless orbs
There will be many times when the orbs that you have can’t be matched with the ones available since there are things blocking your shot. In this case, don’t wait until you get a clear shot and simply shoot the orbs into thin air or, if you really can’t do it, shoot them somewhere where you can use them later, preferably on the row that has fewest piece and/or is farthest from the game over zone.

Switch the orbs
With a simple finger swipe, you can switch the orb you are shooting. This requires a bit of precision and extra thinking, but might be better than simply shooting orbs into nowhere(ness). Try to learn to do this and it will be even easier for you to play.

Don’t waste power-ups
Although you don’t have to hit the power-ups immediately and you can leave them there for a while and only get them when you need them, don’t let them go to waste. A power-up that you use is better than one that goes to waste, even though you are not in trouble when using it.

Tap exactly where you want to shoot
At first, I was tapping somewhere at the middle distance between my orb launcher and the row of orbs. There is no reason to do that in Sparkle Unleashed: instead, tap exactly where you want your orb to go and it will go… exactly there! Do consider, though, the pace of the moving orbs, to make sure that you really hit your target.

Be quick
Try to always know what orbs are where and always be quick with your shots and movement. The faster you are, the faster you will complete the levels. Even if you make a mistake every now and then, if you are quick enough, you can easily get past it and quickly complete the level.

And these would be, for now, the Sparkle Unleashed tips and tricks that we have for you to improve your game. Do you have other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below!

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Sparkle Unleashed Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Keep on Sparkling


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