The final frontier awaits, and this time humanity has no limits! Space Frontier 2 is the sequel to Ketchapp’s popular space exploration game. Launch a rocket using precision timing, and be careful with those colonist onboard! Your mission is to safely land them on new planets for the betterment of humankind. Our Space Frontier 2 cheats and tips will show you how to get better at launching the rockets, as require some tricky timing.

Space Frontier 2 is a pretty addicting game as you’ll want to colonize as many planets as you can. With some practice and the help of our guide, you’ll become a master colonist, so let’s get started with our Space Frontier 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Timing practice makes perfect!

Don’t worry if you’re not nailing those timing circles just right, as you’ll get better with more and more practice. Try to get in the habit of tapping sooner than later, as most of the time you miss a tap is because you tapped too early. Also, it’s just generally better to be safe than sorry.

There are three states of how your taps are measured. “Great” taps are when you tap just outside of the highlighted area of the ring or just as you’re entering it, and you get 15-20 bonus coins.

“Perfect” taps are when you tap in the higlighted area with a bit of the ring left, and you get 30-40 bonus coins. And if you just absolutely nail the timing with VERY little left in the ring, you get the aptly named “Insane” bonus which is worth 60 coins!

Be safe with colonists!

If you add some colonists onto your rocket, you should play it safe and make your taps a little earlier than usual. Going off of our first tip, losing a rocket with colonists inside is especially painful depending on how far you are into the galaxy, as they can get pretty pricey.

In fact, losing colonists defeats the whole purpose of them in the first place, so be sure not to let your rockets explode! Remember: the more passengers you land safely on planets, the more coins you’ll generate when you’re away from the game.

Save far travel for when you’re ready to move on!

In order to move onto the next solar system, you’ll need to reach the next rank by safely landing a specific number of colonists. If you want, you can make this a bit easier on yourself by concentrating on this first. Don’t upgrade your rocket just yet, as it’ll make your launches take longer.

Instead, keep your rocket low level on purpose and just keep cramming them full of colonists. You’ll fulfill your quota and hit the next rank pretty quickly using this method. Once you’re ready to go to the next galaxy, THEN start upgrading your rocket so you get more height.

Mass colonization!

If you REALLY want to bring in the dough when you’re away from the game, you’ll need to colonize every single planet you come across. Each solar system has a colonist limit of 1,000, and your coin generation is calculated across all of the systems you’ve discovered thus far.

It will take a very long time, but if you can hit the cap on one of these systems you’re going to be making a crazy amount of coins!

That’s all for Space Frontier 2! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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