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Soulstone Survivors Skills Tier List

Check out which skills are the most valuable in Soulstone Survivors, and which survivors they belong to, with this tier list.

Characters in Soulstone Survivors differ in power levels, health, and weapon power, making them more or less capable of surviving battles. While each character wields unique weapons, the skills that Survivors can cast often make all the difference.

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Let’s look at the skills in Soulstone Survivors, separated into tiers from best to worst.

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Best skills in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors S+ tier skills

Skill Survivor
Scent of Blood Barbarian
Conflagrate Pyromancer
Lava Shield Elementalist
Shadow Step Assassin

Soulstone Survivors S-tier skills

Skill Survivor
Shrapnel Mine Hound Master
Arcane Shield Arcane Weaver
Savage Strike Barbarian
Fire Wall Pyromancer
Frozen Warhammer Elementalist
Smoke Bomb Assassin
Beacon of Light Paladin

Soulstone Survivors A-tier skills

Skill Survivor
Arcane Blade Spellblade
Piercing Shout Barbarian
Meteor Shower Pyromancer
Bear Trap Hound Master
Arcane Assault Spellblade
Arcane Blade Spellblade
Arcane Orb Arcane Weaver
Arcane Conjuration Arcane Weaver
Tornado Elementalist
Shadow Step Assassin
Exorcism Paladin
Templar’s Verdict Paladin
Skeletal Mage Necromancer
Storm of Spears Legionnaire
Intimidating Shout Legionnaire
Split Shot Sentinel
Contagion Death Knight
Path of Decay Death Knight
War Tiger Beastmaster
Battle Moose Beastmaster
Chaos Totem Chaoswalker

Soulstone Survivors B-tier skills

Skill Survivor
Weakening Grenade Hound Master
Arcane Rift Spellblade
Putrid Hounds Necromancer
Skeletal Archers Necromancer
Shield Wall Legionnaire
Ricochet Shot Sentinel
Festering Strike Death Knight
Bestial Wrath Beastmaster
Manifestations of Chaos Chaoswalker

Soulstone Survivors C-tier skills

Skill Survivor
Sniper Shot Sentinel
Shadow Grasp Death Knight
Chaos Wave Chaoswalker

The Soulstone Survivors skills in this list are organized from the most powerful S+ tier to the weakest C tier. Note that the actual damage doesn’t always guarantee a skill’s placement in a specific tier. Sometimes, additional effects have a larger impact on how a skill ranks.

The S+ and S-tier skills always come in handy and can help you clear large enemy masses almost in an instant. A and B-tier skills are still useful in most situations, albeit not as versatile as the top-tier ones. Lastly, C-tier skills aren’t necessarily the worst thing in the world. However, you will likely use them much less than the other skills from the same Survivor’s arsenal.

Also note that only some of the Soulstone Survivors characters have skills in the S+ tier, which means they have access to stronger skills than others.


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Soulstone Survivors Skills Tier List