Soul Saver Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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In our article today we are going to walk you through all of our Soul Saver tips and cheats and help you put together a strong team of heroes to progress through all the levels with ease.

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So if you are looking to make the best team out there to level up, I’ll walk you through everything that you need to know and help you form the best one out there! Sure thing, I’ll tell you all about the stats that you need to focus on, as well as how to quickly get to level 4 to unlock the Guild option, so let’s get started!

Without further ado, here’s all of our Soul Saver tips and tricks that we have for you right now!

Focus on unlocking hero slots first

First and foremost, you should focus all of your Gems on unlocking the hero slots, because they are a one time unlock (meaning you won’t have to unlock them over and over again) and will come in handy more than you think. 

These slots will let you add more heroes to your party and make fighting the enemy monster waves much easier. So I suggest that all of the Gems you obtain you should invest in unlocking the slots, because they will pay off.

Also, I need to mention that they will cost quite a lot, but worry not, because we got you covered Gem wise – check out down below! 

Early on in the game – check the mail!

When you are still at the early stages of the game you should take a look at the in game mailbox, because there are some “starter player” rewards waiting for you there. Among these rewards you will have tons of Gems, so make sure you claim them. 

Once you do this, head on to the Hero tab and unlock all the slots there. You’ll spend most of the Gems, but trust me – it’s worth it (as I mentioned above)! After doing so, you can head on to the Shop and check for some hero shards.

Get a ton of free rewards!

You can obtain a lot of free rewards by simply watching a few ads in the game. You can obtain several rewards, from Gems to Heroes and Tickets. All you have to do is open the Hero tab in the bottom side of the screen, then head on to the Shop.

Once you opened the Shop, head on to the Free tab and there you will see many options. There is a limit to how many of these you can obtain (written in brackets) and all you have to do to obtain them is watch an ad. 

I suggest that you first start with the Hero Box, because it is the easiest way to get a random hero. Then, you can unlock the Gems and the rest of the items, because they are well worth it! 

Just keep in mind that they have quite a high cooldown, so whenever they are available, take advantage of it and watch an ad to get the reward!

Use the Yellow Soul to upgrade your heroes

Whenever you are fighting in the game stages, you will receive Yellow Soul (which kinda look like “Gold” or are the equivalent of it). They are best used to upgrade your heroes in my opinion, and level them up fast.

If you don’t want to upgrade the heroes, you can also use them to boost your quest rewards. However, keeping them both balanced is the best way to go, so if your heroes can do enough damage and take down the  bosses fast, then definitely go for upgrading the quests.

When you want to upgrade heroes, I always go for the “All Level Up”. This option will level up all of the heroes, and that way I always ensure that they are all upgraded a lot. You can also individually upgrade them, but I don’t particularly recommend doing so because you might end up having a weaker hero in the team that you just forgot about.

Collect the Play Time Rewards

These rewards are located in the top side of the screen and they will give you rewards based on how much time you spent in game. They are kinda like daily rewards, meaning that you can collect them every single day, but to collect them all will require a little bit of time.

If you don’t have any other things to do about the game, I suggest keeping it open to add time to those rewards, because it’s definitely worth it (especially the last one which gives a Hero Box for 120 minutes spent in game).

Unlock Player Skills and use them when necessary

These Player Skills are skills that you will have to cast yourself (meaning even if you have Auto turned on, the game will not cast them) and they are super powerful skills that you should definitely use when needed.

You will unlock them by achieving certain milestones in the game, and once you have unlocked them, they will not go away even if you reset (Seal to start over). I definitely suggest that you unlock them, and if you don’t like the Skills you’ve received, reset it! The first reset is free!

A few extra Soul Saver tips and tricks:

– Tap on the boxes you see on the battlefield! They will give out some cool rewards, from Gems to Yellow Souls!

Complete the Beginners Guide rewards! They will require certain tasks to be done, such as improving heroes or simply opening certain tabs – it’s super easy to complete, and you should definitely claim them because you will receive more Gems!

– Always prioritize the Hero  Boxes because you will receive new heroes! They can be obtain in several ways, and I’ve already mentioned a couple of them above. There are more in the boxes that you randomly receive from fighting, so make sure you open them! 

– When you collect Hero Shards, upgrade the heroes to get more stats! This goes without saying, it’s super important especially later on in the game when you have to fight super tough enemies and bosses.

Reset the Seal! This will basically “reborn” your characters and have you start all over from level 1, but will also increase your player’s level and give you several rewards. It’s a good way to collect those rewards and further upgrade your heroes. I suggest resetting when you can upgrade your player level.

– Visit the Shop and purchase the Special Buffs! They are permanent buffs which boost several stats, from the Yellow Soul gain to increased rewards in Dungeons and from watching ads. If you have extra Gems to spend, I recommend getting the Increase Yellow Souls from Treasure Box and the Increase Ghost Stone Acquisition rate.

Equip Relics and unlock more Relic slots! They don’t cost a lot, and they will stay with you throughout the game, even after reset. It’s definitely worth the investment!

Read the heroes skills and decide who to use! All of the heroes have different skills, even if their stats might be similar. Read their skills and decide which ones you want to keep, while also comparing their stats. Always use the better heroes!

Complete Dungeons! By adventuring in the Dungeons you will receive other rewards used for upgrading items and buffs, so don’t neglect them!

These would be all of our Soul Saver tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other cool tips about the game or have any more suggestions on how to get good? Share them with us down in the comments section below! 

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Soul Saver Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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