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Soul Knight Prequel Tier List | Best Classes Ranked

Soul Knight Prequel Tier List | Best Classes Ranked
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Have you wondered about some of the best classes in Soul Knight Prequel? Don’t worry, we got you. In this Soul Knight Prequel tier list, we rank all the classes in the game based on their end-game prowess and much more!

If you enjoy RPGs like Diablo or Path of Exile, Soul Knight Prequel is definitely a game that you should check out! For all you new players who are eager to try out this game, this Soul Knight Prequel tier list will help you figure out the current meta in the game. So, let’s get into it!

Basic Classes

When you create a new character you will have to select a basic class for it. You can pick any of the following classes:

  • Warrior (“A veteran hardened by countless battles and a master of melee weapons”)
  • Archer (“A sharpshooter with uncanny precision and a master of ranged weapons”)
  • Tempest Mage (“A mage devoted to harnessing the primal forces of tempest and a master of elemental ice and lightning”)
  • Aegis (“Steadfast as a bulwark of iron, Aegises excel in their defensive capabilities”)
  • Animancer (can be unlocked through the in-game shop)
  • Thief (“A silent shadow that waylays foes with devastating bursts of damage”)
  • Pyromancer (“An adept seeking the secrets of the elemental fire and a consummate wielder of fire magic”)
  • Herbalist (can be unlocked through the Gold Medallion Pass)
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Once you reach level 5, you will be able to select your secondary class. The combination of the two basic classes will result in a “Prestige” or “Combined” class that will give you access to different skills. And also, you might be interested in knowing if you can change your class – well, we got an article for that!

Soul Knight Prequel Classes Tier List (Prestige Classes)

SS TierShinobi, Druid
S TierSoulkeeper, Warliege
A TierAssassin, Heretic, Stormblade
B TierStormwarden, Ranger
C TierBastion, Wildwalker, Elementalist, Pyroknight, Stormshaman
D TierArtillerist, Farstrider

Soul Knight Prequel SS-Tier Classes

  • Druid (Herbalist+Animancer)
  • Shinobi (Animancer+Thief)

It’s only fair to put the Shinobi class in a tier of its own as it’s hands down the most powerful one in the entire game. Some would say it’s so overpowered to the point of being “broken” and we wouldn’t argue that!

Of course, we should note that this class is a Premium one as you need to purchase the Animancer basic class from the shop first before you get access to it.

While you play the game, you can unlock the Blue Gems – so it cannot be your first class unless you decide to top up. However, once you’ve farmed enough, you can make another character that can be a Shinobi without paying.

As for the Druid, it’s borderline broken. It’s on par with the Shinobi, and it is extremely – EXTREMELY fun to play.

Image via Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel S-Tier Classes

  • Soulkeeper (Animancer+Aegis)
  • Warliege (Warrior+Aegis)

Aegis is a really strong basic class, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that both of our S-Tier classes have it as a prerequisite.

You can’t really say that one is better than the other, it just comes down to your preferred playstyle. So, if you want to try out the game as a F2P player, you should go with Warliege.

Soul Knight Prequel A-Tier Classes

  • Assassin (Warrior+Thief)
  • Heretic (Animancer+Pyromancer)
  • Stormblade (Tempest Mage+Thief)

A-Tier classes are definitely performing way above average this season and you will be able to clear pretty much everything the game has to offer.

Keep in mind that none of these classes are exactly “tanky” so if your playstyle is to face tank everything, maybe it would be a good idea to play something different.

Soul Knight Prequel B-Tier Classes

  • Stormwarden (Tempest Mage+Aegis)
  • Ranger (Thief+Archer)

B-Tier classes are mid. Yes, you will be able to push levels and clear content but to do that you will need certain builds and mods on your gears.

If you are a new player, maybe these are not the best choices for your first character. It would be better to play with a Warliege until you understand the game better, and then make an alt and try these out.

Soul Knight Prequel C-Tier Classes

  • Bastion (Archer+Aegis)
  • Wildwalker (Warrior+Herbalist)
  • Elementalist (Tempest Mage+Pyromancer)
  • Pyroknight (Pyrmancer+Knight)
  • Stormshaman (Herbalist+Tempest Mage)

I wouldn’t recommend these classes to any new player as there are simply much better choices available. Even though you can make them work somehow, other classes simply perform better.

Only go with one of these if you really want to try out certain builds or playstyles.

Soul Knight Prequel D-Tier Classes

  • Artillerist (Archer+Pyromancer)
  • Farstrider (Herbalist+Archer)

D-Tier…Do I really need to explain it? These two classes are simply not it. Maybe they will perform better next season but currently, just forget about them unless you are an experienced player.

With that, we conclude our Soul Knight Prequel tier list of all the classes. Obviously, we are going to update this article in the future, so make sure to check back! Also, don’t forget about the Soul Knight Prequel codes for a bunch of freebies!

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Soul Knight Prequel Tier List | Best Classes Ranked