Home Game Guides Can You Change Class in Soul Knight Prequel? – Answered

Can You Change Class in Soul Knight Prequel? – Answered

Can You Change Class in Soul Knight Prequel? – Answered
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If you just started playing and made your very first pick at random, you might have started wondering whether or not you can change class in Soul Knight Prequel – well, this article is here to explain all about it!

The very first moment you start playing Soul Knight Prequel, you’ll be asked to pick a class. At first, there are the basic classes that you can play, as listed below:

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Tempest Mage
  • Aegis
  • Thief
  • Pyromancer
  • Animancer (via in-game shop)
  • Herbalist (via Gold Medallion)

You can pick any of them, except the two that are locked initially if it’s your first time playing. When you start playing, as a level 1 character, you will not have access to a sub-class and a prestige class (yet).

In order to unlock the prestige class (secondary class), you must first hit level 5.

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How to Change Class in Soul Knight Prequel

Sadly, there is no way you can change your initially-picked class (at least, not yet). However, you can make another character of a different class and play on that, picking a different class. It’s not exactly like changing class, of course, but you can have a bunch of different characters that you can swap between whenever you feel like it.

Any account can have up to 12 characters, so you can essentially play (almost) any class that you want! Since you cannot otherwise switch class at will, this is the best alternative. For instance, if you hit level 5 and you started playing as a Tempest Mage, but you really want to have an end-game Shinobi character, it would be best to just make a new Warrior character, and then pick Thief as secondary.


While you cannot currently change class at will in Soul Knight Prequel, that shouldn’t deter you from playing the game. You have the option to make 12 different characters, so you can try out all the different classes and stick to the one you like the most!

For that, make sure to use all the Soul Knight Prequel codes and claim the latest freebies in the game!

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Can You Change Class in Soul Knight Prequel? – Answered