Based on the famous manga and anime series, Soul Eater, Roblox Soul Eater Resonance is an action game where you can fight as a weapon or a Meister. We have many Soul Eater Resonance enthusiasts who want to know about the best weapon. And this is where our Soul Eater Resonance best weapon Roblox guide comes in handy.

Soul Eater Resonance Best Weapon

The Legendary weapon, Elemental Fists, is the best weapon in Soul Eater Resonance that you can use to deal with your enemies. Depending on whether you are playing the Solo or are used by a Meister, Elemental Fists has another form called Elemental Pots, which players can use to stun enemies for a short time while dealing high damage at a long range.

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You can consume different Souls in Soul Eater Resonance to make your weapon into a Dead Scythe, the best weapon in the game. You might be wondering that we mentioned that Elemental Fists (or Elemental Pots) were the best weapons in the game. But now we are saying that Death Scythe is the best weapon. 

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That is because you can make a few weapons into Death Scythes by consuming different Souls and fulfilling certain requirements. When a weapon in Soul Eater Resonance turns into a Death Scythe, your character becomes stronger while getting additional skills.  

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Elemental Fists are already a legendary weapon—by making them into a Death Scythe, you can further increase their attack power and skills. With that said, below you can find every weapon in Soul Eater Resonance along with their rarity – 

  • Twin Guns – Common (Drop chance 90%)
  • Scythe – Common (Drop chance 90%)
  • Chain Scythe (or Chain Blade) – Common (Drop chance 90%)
  • Blunderbuss – Rare (Drop chance 10%)
  • Elemental Fists – Legendary (Drop chance 5%)

Soul Eater Resonance is currently available on the Roblox platform. 

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Soul Eater Resonance Best Weapon: Roblox Guide


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