I think that we, as gamers, have managed a lot of crazy things back in the days, from classic theme parks to airports and entire civilizations. But I don’t remember ever managing a bunch of adventurers in a quest to regain our lost kingdom. Adventurer Manager comes to iPhone and iPad soon to fix that problem!

Complete with retro styled visuals and certainly more gameplay depth than meets the eye in the just-launched teaser trailer, Adventurer Manager gives you the chance to recruit up to four parties of adventurers who can hardly wait to go on… well… adventures. Expect a lot of RPG elements, loot to be brought back home, XP gains, level up and a scary word: permadeath! Now that is what makes a game hardcore nowadays, and we’re all up for it.

There is a short teaser trailer released prior to the launch of Adventurer Manager and you can check it out below for a short glimpse at the game mechanics and visuals:

The game is scheduled to launch in sometime in the fourth quarter of 2013 and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

[via Pocket Tactics]


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