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Sonic Frontiers: All Playable Characters

Sonic Frontiers: All Playable Characters

There are lots of different genres of video games and one of the most popular and oldest among them is called platformer. These projects require you to control a certain character and avoid various obstacles to get to the finish. One of the most popular platformer franchises is related to the blue hedgehog named Sonic. Today we are going to talk about the latest game of this series and the heroes you can play there. This guide will tell you about all the playable characters in Sonic Frontiers.

All Playable Characters in Sonic Frontiers

The Sonic series is one of the most iconic franchises in the entire game industry and it includes lots of different games. Usually, these projects allow you to play the famous blue hedgehog named Sonic. In most of these games, you will have to run across various locations and collect golden rings.

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The latest game of this franchise is called Sonic Frontiers and it seems to be quite hyped right now. So, there are many users who would like to know the full list of playable characters. The franchise has a few iconic heroes that players were able to play in previous games. However, the latest game may disappoint some of these users.

It seems that Sonic is the only playable character in Sonic Frontiers and he has two different versions. The first one is the standard Sonic and you will have to control him during your playthrough. The second version is called Super Sonic and he is playable during boss fights.

Sonic Frontiers is an exciting project and we will be glad if this guide helps you to learn something new about it. Also, you may want to play this game at a higher frame rate and here you can read our guide on how to enable 60 FPS. Good luck with your further adventures in Sonic Frontiers!

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Sonic Frontiers: All Playable Characters


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