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Sonic Dream Team Characters – Everything We Know So Far

Sonic Dream Team Characters – Everything We Know So Far
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Between Sonic’s movie outing (however successful it was) and the recent Sonic Frontiers game, you could say we’re in the middle of a Blue Blur’s renaissance. The upcoming Sonic Dream Team title only confirms that notion. Let’s see what the game will be about and what to expect from it!

What is Sonic Dream Team?

Image by Sega

Unlike the previous entry in the franchise, Sonic Dream Team is much more a return to form when it comes to the tradition of Sonic games. While there’ll be new gameplay elements, linearity will be at its core, as the Sega team reportedly wants to cut back on the open-world aspect. After all, not every new game needs to take the Breath of the Wild route, nor should it!

As a side note, Sonic Frontiers had extensive modding capabilities. If you want to learn about them, check out our piece on modding Sonic Frontiers!

Sonic Dream Team will likely feel more like a continuation of the themes from Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic Unleashed than a sequel to Sonic Frontiers. For me (and probably most Sonic fans), this is good news. Many of us see the joy and charm of Sonic games in linear platforming, and that’s precisely what we’ll get with the new title!

On the other hand, when I say “we’ll get,” it’s worth mentioning that Sonic Dream Team will have a limited release in terms of platform. Sonic Frontiers was available for a plethora of systems, from Nintendo Switch to PS5 and PC; Sonic Dream Team will be an Apple Arcade exclusive. We’ll see how much this gamble will pay off, though—there’s always hope the game could branch out to other platforms at a later point.

But even if that moment comes, it won’t be anytime soon. For now, we can only wait for Sonic Dream Team to launch and see how it fares from there on.

When is Sonic Dream Team Announced for Apple Arcade?

Sonic games never really followed a steady release schedule. Plenty of games were released in November, but many titles dropped during the summer months. Essentially, you could expect a new Sonic title to appear at any time throughout the year. Luckily, we don’t have to guess when Sonic Dream Team will be out—-we have a confirmed release date!

If you visit the App Store page for Sonic Dream Team, the release info is stated right after the game title. Sonic Dream Team is expected to come out on December 5. And that’s the best thing about it: we won’t have to wait long to see how the new game looks and plays!

Is Sonic a Leader or a Playable Character in Sonic Dream Team?

Since the title of the game is Sonic Dream Team, you’d be forgiven for thinking Sonic himself will have a lesser role in this title. After all, there are plenty of Sonic team members that have become fan-favorites over the decades.

Yet, Sonic Dream Team won’t put the titular hedgehog in the role of a passive leader. Instead, Sonic will be your default playable character throughout the game, although you’ll be able to switch to other team members.

What Is the Name of Sonic Team in the Game?

In the spirit of return to form, Sonic Dream Team will feature the most familiar Sonic team, usually aptly named Team Sonic or Team Heroes. We know this to be the case due to the roster of playable characters:

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream

The sixth PC on the list is the outlier: Rouge the Bat joins Team Sonic as a (temporary?) borrow from Team Dark.

Who is the Real Villain in Sonic Dream Team?

In terms of the main villain of Sonic Dream Team, there’s no surprise here! As with the vast majority of Sonic games, your primary rival in this title will be the Eggman himself—Dr. Robotnik. And in Sonic Dream Team, the evil scientist comes back with a new weapon that even Team Sonic will have a hard time overcoming.

This wraps up the crucial info about Sonic Dream Team we have so far. There’s not much time before the title becomes widely available, so we’re looking forward to seeing it in action. Expect deeper dives into this and other upcoming games in our Game Guides section, and make sure to check out our News articles to stay on top of the latest in gaming!

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Sonic Dream Team Characters – Everything We Know So Far