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Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting Gold Medals

Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Guide: Tips & Cheats To Getting Gold Medals

The nefarious Dr. Eggman has taken over Tokyo, and now it is up to Sonic and friends to save the day in Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the newest entry in the Sonic Olympic series and the first game in the entire series to be on mobile!

Take part in a variety of Olympic events, then try your hand at the EX versions where anything can go! All of Sonic’s pals are here, so choose your favorite character and aim for the top to see how to compare to the rest of the world!

In our Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 tips and tricks guide, we will go over all of the events that you can play in the free version of the game. We will show you how to get the gold medals in the first section of Area 1 Asakusa, so let’s get started with our Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to getting gold medals!

Play through Asakusa First

When you start an event, the game will show you the world record for the best times/scores. You may notice that these times/scores are often outrageously good, but there is a reason for that – these players have used “SP actions” to help them out a lot.

When you play an event for the first time, you will be forced to use Sonic with no SP actions. After you beat the event, an SP action will unlock for Sonic.

SP actions are basically special skills that help you in the event in some way, and they are required if you want to get a good score on the event.

That being said, do not worry if you cannot get the gold medal the first time you try an event. If it is too hard, you can always come back after you get the SP action to help you out.

Before you try to chase high scores, we recommend just playing through the entirety of the demo, which goes to up to Stage 1-8.

Stage 1-1: 400m Hurdles

It is a race to finish! Get a strong start, then make sure to jump over each hurdles with accurate jumps. The SP action for this level allows you to get a boost after each jump.

At the beginning, hold down to charge up. Watch the “Ready” banner closely, and as soon as it turns into GO left go. The faster you are, the faster you will be to hit the track running. Once you start running, tap at any time to jump. Hold down to jump higher.

The key to this is to only jump as needed – short jumps do not carry you too high, but they are faster. Higher jumps are safer, but they are slower since you are in the air for so long. When you clear a hurdle, make sure to tap again right before you hit the ground to get a rolling boost.

When you approach the final stretch, you can rapidly tap to increase your speed. Your speed can go up to a maximum of 5, so tap as fast as you can (use multiple fingers if you need to) to maintain speed and bring it home!

Stage 1-2: 400m Hurdles EX

The EX version of the 400m Hurdles is not too different than the regular stage – you just have more hurdles to deal with. All of the same skills from the regular version apply here!

Stage 1-3: Shooting

The clay machine will fire off clay pigeons that you need to snipe out of the air. Drag to aim, then let go to fire. The key here is that the clay does not need to be right in the center of your crosshair – as long as it is inside the white bubble, it will be hit when you let go.

With this knowledge, speed is of the essence. If you can shoot the clays as soon as they are launched, you will earn bonus points, with more points being awarded the faster you take down the clays.

The SP action for this event will make multiple clays spawn and you have to lock onto them all and destroy them all in one shot. The SP meter fills up at you destroys clays.

Stage 1-4: Shooting EX

You will still be shooting clays, but now there is a chance that an Egg Flapper will spawn somewhere on the sides. These things will appear randomly, but they will be marked by a red glow. Do not shoot if they have the red glow – wait for it to disappear, then fire!

Egg Flappers are also marked with a little icon to show you what power up you get when you destroy them. The PT Egg Flappers increase your score, the Clay Flappers slow down the speed of the clays, and the Reticle Flappers will greatly increase your reticle size.

Stage 1-5: 100m

The most simplest dash event in the game. You will hold down to charge at the beginning just like in a 400m Hurdle run. Once you launch, tap the screen rapidly to speed up and maintain your speed. The dash is over in a few seconds, so do not blink or you will miss it!

The SP action for this stage will grant you an extra boost if you perform the starting charge perfectly. Release just as the GO! is displayed and you will get a bigger speed boost.

Stage 1-6: Tokyo Skytree Jump

Instead of an event, Sonic is gonna go sightseeing… in his own style! To view the Tokyo Skytree from the outside, Sonic will bounce on clouds to get higher and higher. There is nothing much to this one, just avoid falling and hit all of the springs you see to get a boost.

Stage 1-7: Sport Climbing

It is time for some rockwall climbing! Tap and drag to aim your jump, then let go to jump to the next rock. If you miss, you will fall down and if you are unlucky you might fall down all the way back to the start, so be careful when you are aiming!

Aim for the heart rocks to replenish your stamina. Running out of stamina and falling down is pretty much the end of your run, so you should just restart if this happens.

The SP action for this event allows you to jump large distances in one jump. This action is the key to getting really fast times for the gold medal. Note that if you see smaller rocks, try to go to them. You have to be really accurate to grab onto them, but the fill up your SP gauge faster than normal rocks.

Stage 1-8: Sport Climbing EX

The rockwall now features special mechanics that will change the way you move. The one you will see on this level features a spinning green rock. Grabbing onto this will make your character spin around in a circle until you jump. Aim for the next rock, then tap once it is in your line of sight.

Stage 2-25: Diving

For whatever reason, two levels in Area 1 feature stages from Area 2, but you can access them freely. These are the diving events and you must perform a flashy dive and collect as many rings as you can.

You play through three rounds, and you are scored each round. You are scored on three different things: the amount of rings you collect, the amount of somersaults you performed, and how clean your entry angle was. To get a gold medal, you must do well in each factor.

When you are adjusting your starting angle, try to aim for the most amount of rings possible. To squeeze in as many somersaults as you can, wait until your character is almost about to hit the water. Right before you do, swipe down to perform a dive and land a clean entry.

The SP action for this event allows you to boost yourself mid-air by tapping the screen. You can do this a few times if you need to reach rings.

Stage 2-26: Diving EX

There are now plenty of gimmicks across the pool to make your dive more interesting. Springs will bounce you in a direction, Egg Springs will make you fall, and switches can turn clear rings into normal rings.

Try Out Different Characters

Once you beat the starting events with Sonic, you can replay them with other characters. The problem is that the other characters do not have SP actions unlocked right away – you must do that manually.

You may have noticed that you earn some items whenever you finish an event. You can see what items an event gives by looking at the stage selection list. When you have the required items, select the character from your collection to unlock SP actions for them. If you have enough TP (earned by completing any event), the SP action is yours!

That’s all for Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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