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Song of Horror Photograph Puzzle Guide | Tips & Tricks

Song of Horror Photograph Puzzle Guide | Tips & Tricks
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The final episode of Song of Horror sees Daniel’s story is about to reach its end. Naturally, you’ll be faced with a pretty cryptic puzzle, so here are some tips to solving the Song of Horror photograph puzzle.

How to Solve the Photograph Puzzle in Song of Horror Episode 5

To finally end the nightmare, Daniel sends one of three characters of your choosing to the Jeremy Hartwood Mental Hospital. Daniel has found some research of a doctor that might be able to help him, and sends the character to investigate, which marks the beginning of episode 5, “The Horror and the Song”.

After some preliminary exploration of the first floor, you’ll end up in a large dining hall. One of the tables near the right corner has a shredded photograph on it. As you should know by now, Song of Horror loves cryptic and unclear puzzles, and this is another one, just like the fuse box puzzle all the way back in episode 1.

You have to put the pieces back in the correct layout to repair the full photo. Start with the corners, and you should be able to piece together the rest through trial and error. It should look like this:

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Once you have the correct layout for all the pieces, the photograph is completed and it’s added into your inventory. You can now view the photograph as a whole, which will be crucial for picking out the finer details of the photograph.

Looks like a photograph of seven men who worked at the hospital. That’s great and all, but what exactly do we do with this? Well, if you press the information button while looking at the photo, you’ll see a note with a cryptic clue written on it:

  • “From highest to lowest, all the numbers are in the photo.” – 7

All numbers are in the photo? That must mean that this has to be a numerical code of some sort, so let’s start counting stuff. Let’s see, there are seven men, six men with white suits, and one man with a black suit. There has to be more to this, so here are all the possible things you can count:

  • The amount of men in total (7);
  • How many men standing (4);
  • How many men sitting (3);
  • How many men wearing white (6);
  • How many men wearing black (1);
  • How many men with mustaches (3);
  • How many men with glasses (3);

Examine the photograph very carefully, as there are lots of small details that you can miss, including a pair of glasses tucked away in one of the men’s pockets. Once you count all those categories, you’ll end up with a bunch of numbers, but remember what the note said? From highest to lowest, right? Going by that, we should end up with:

  • 7, 6, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1

Just as we suspected, this is obviously a key code for something, so keep it in mind. When you’re ready, return to the entrance hall. On the east side of the hall, there’s a window that lets you peek into an access control room. The door to that room is locked by a keypad of course, so you’ll have to restore power before you can use it.

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Once you get the Cable and the Handle together to make the Fixed Handle, you can start up the generator outside the entrance hall. Go back into the entrance hall, and set the power control panel to security. Return to the east hallway of the entrance hall and punch in the code into the keypad to unlock the door to the security room.

That’s it! You’ve solved the photograph puzzle in Song of Horror episode 5. If you have any other tips or questions about Song of Horror, let us know in the comments below.

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Song of Horror Photograph Puzzle Guide | Tips & Tricks