The skies are home to many wondrous things, but have you ever seen a castle floating in the sky? A temple that can shift its very own geometry right before your eyes? We bet you haven’t, and that’s why Euclidean Skies is here to bring us through a shape-shifting journey.

Sequel to the award-winning Euclidean LandsEuclidean Skies follows a similar format. Players will need to traverse through 40 different castles layouts, each with their own mechanics to solve.

The key to Euclidean Skies is to think outside of the box – literally! The game features an optional AR mode which brings the sky castles to life. You become the camera and you are able to move around to see the castles in all sorts of different angles. It’s a really neat and fantastic entry point into AR gaming, so try it out!

But for the classic gamers, you can play Euclidean Skies from the comfort of your couch. You must guide a young girl as she battles her way through the sky temples. Shift the layout of the castles around using drag controls, and guide her to the exit. The key to Euclidean Skies is to shift your viewpoint multiple times, and you’ll see things you didn’t before.

The mysterious worlds of Euclidean Skies is available now on the App Store for $4.99.


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