Soccer World Cheats & Tips (Football World Champions Penalty Score Cheats)


Football World Champions Penalty Score aka Soccer World is a brand new iPhone and iPad game that challenges you to score as many points for your country as possible in an “endless runner” type of football game combined with elements that will test your skill to the maximum. I am here to share with you some Soccer World cheats and tips (or, if you prefer the full name, some Football World Champions Penalty Score cheats and tips) that will hopefully help you score a ton of points for your country and win all the trophies in the game.

So if you’re having trouble beating a country or you just want to produce more points for your own country in the game, read on!

1. Use the free continues smartly
Probably the most useful thing is the free continue that you get from watching an ad in the game. However, make sure that you make it count when you watch it and only do it when you are pretty close to completing a level in the Tournament mode. There is no point to use it after 5 or 10 passes, because chances are you won’t win. If you managed 50, this means you are really close to finishing the level, so use one now.

2. Score the penalty
It’s not a win unless you actually manage to score the penalty. This is relatively easy: just look at the movement of the keeper and tap the side of the goal when it’s not defended. Keepers will move faster as you progress through the levels, but it’s still the easiest part of the job.

3. Play with two fingers
Use your left hand for the left passes and the right hand for the right passes. It’s the easiest way to do and you don’t over complicate things.

4. Count the players
The speed will increase as you progress through the stages and you will have to move faster and faster. This, of course, means that you will fail more often, but I found a trick that really helps me get going: I count the players and passes, this way making sure that I don’t get an extra tap and pass to the opponent. As soon as I started counting the players (and do it in advance when there’s just 2 or 3 of them) I started to win the games a lot easier and without the free continues. It works like a charm!

5. Collect the golden balls
While playing, you will see every now and then on the field a golden ball. If you pass the ball so that it goes over that golden ball, you get it for free. Golden balls can be used to continue the game without having to watch ads, so they are must get!

6. Keep playing!
Since you are playing for your country (or your favorite one), every point counts, so keep on playing this game as you are helping your nation. And the more you play, the better you get at it. Just remember to take some breaks every now and then because your eyes will get tired and you won’t function at 100%.

Here is a video of me playing Soccer World aka Football World Champions Penalty Score:

Hopefully, our Soccer World tips and tricks will help you get the most out of this game, so have fun and good luck!

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Soccer World Cheats & Tips (Football World Champions Penalty Score Cheats)


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