From the creators of Golf Blitz, a fun and frantic multiplayer golfing game, comes a new kind of multiplayer arena: one full of soccer balls and rocket-powered cars! Take control of your explosive vehicle and score some goals in Motorball!

Now hang on, you might say. Motorball sounds just like Rocket League! And yes, you are are right on the money – Motorball is heavily inspired by the popular soccer car game Rocket League, although Motorball uses a top-down view instead of a behind-the-car view, and it has some of its own twists on the formula!

Why anyone else has not tried to replicate the Rocket League experience on mobile is surprising to us, but we are glad that someone has stepped up to the plate. The core gameplay is all there: players take control of a rocket powered car and try to blast the ball into their opponent’s goal.

Motorball also features fun power ups and items that can help you turn the tide of the match, including gum spills that can slow down your opponents, grappling hooks that can tether you to the ball, water guns to spray your opponents away, and more!

And watch out – your opponent is not the only thing you will need to keep an eye on! Many of the stadiums in Motorball are laced with traps, more explosive mines to deep trenches. With an emphasis on pure chaos, no two matches in Motorball will be the same!

Winning matches will earn experience for you, and leveling up will unlock fun new customization options for your vehicles. Trick out your rides and make a name for yourself out on the stadium field!

Motorball is coming soon to iOS and Android on August 5, 2020.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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