Ava is a regular little girl with dreams out of this world. What if you had the opportunity to turn those dreams into reality? Ava wants to fly, and you’re going to help her do just that in Ava Airborne. It’s time to defy gravity… with style!

Ava Airborne is an incredibly cute and charming endless runner – or should we say flier – where you guide little Ava on the journey of her wildest dreams. Soar through the beautiful skyline, narrowly dodge bomb balloons and other hazards, and fly through rings to boost yourself high into the sky.

As Ava gets further and further through the horizon, you’ll earn new custom outfits for her. Like we said, defy gravity with style! Ava can don cardboard wings to break all conventions of reality, strap on some rocket-propelled boots, or heck, why not just put a chicken suit on and call it a day?

Ava’s experience grows as she flies the distance, and she can rank up with enough points. Starting at the timid “Leaf” rank, you’ll help her fly her way to the coveted “Ace” rank, the title reserved for only the best fliers.

Nothing will stop Ava from flying as high as she can, so you can employ the use of rockets, cannons, grappling hooks, and more contraptions that boost Ava higher and higher. There’s nothing you can’t do with some simple inventions!

Ava Airborne soars onto the iOS App Store today! Once you grab the game, be sure to check out our Ava Airborne tips and tricks guide!


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