Although I hate to even think about the winter and snow at this point, I did manage to really enjoy Snow Roll, the latest endless runner type of game launched on the App Store, a game that’s all about guiding a penguin rolling on a snowball for as long as possible through different zany obstacles. And I am sure you know already that it’s all a lot more difficult than it sounds, so I am here to help you get a high score as big as possible by sharing a bunch of Snow Roll cheats and tips in TTP’s complete strategy guide.

So if you can put down the game for a few seconds, that would be great because we have for you a bunch of Snow Roll tips and tricks to help you get as far as possible and unlock all balls without spending any real life money!

1. Use two hands to control the snowball
You can easily control the snowball using one single finger, but I found out that using my both hands makes everything a lot easier: use the right finger when the snowball goes right and the left one for when it goes left. This will make the controls slightly easier and will keep your penguin and snowball rolling for a longer time.

2. Earn free coins whenever you can
There’s an “Earn coins” button at the top of the menu – make sure you use it every time you can to get a handful of free coins: they are extremely useful and usually more than what you can get in a single run!

3. Get your free gift as soon as it’s unlocked
Things start really fast with the free gift and you get a ton of coins in a short period of time, but each new free gift will take longer to unlock. So take advantage and get the free gift as soon as you have it not to lose too much time.

4. Coins are used for getting extra balls
That’s all you can do with the coins right now, but there are a ton of balls in play – most importantly, you are not guaranteed a ball when you spend you hard earned coins, so pay attention to the cups in the minigame: your goal is to point to the glass where the ball is hidden so make sure that there are no distractions and you are 100% focused on it because it’s not as easy as one might think it is.

5. Learn to go in a straight(ish) line
There will be some really close calls when you play and it’s extremely important to learn how to go in a line as straight as possible with your snowball. Basically, you have to quickly tap the screen (or right and left fingers if you take my advice) and that will have the snowball go as narrow as possible. Learn this first and afterwards it will be a lot easier to master the long turns.

6. Practice makes perfect
This is that type of game where the more you play, the better you get so there’s really not much else you can do rather than keep playing! Change the balls between them (I have the impression that some generate slightly less difficult runs) and keep on rolling, baby!

7. Take breaks
Just like Flappy Bird, Snow Roll is not a game you can win – you might not even be able to get too far soon, but it can surely get extremely frustrating. You will not perform too good when you are tired or frustrated, so don’t forget to take 15 minute breaks regularly and you will see an improvement once you start playing once again with rested eyes and mind.

This would be it in terms of tips and tricks for Snow Roll. Do you have other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below!


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