Snoopy’s Candy Town is a brand new game for iPhone and iPad based on the Peanuts comic series and focusing on Charlie Brown’s pet dog, the beloved Snoopy. I am here to share with you a set of Snoopy’s Candy Town cheats, actually tips and tricks that will improve your game’s strategy and will help you get the most out of it as easy as possible and without having to spend any real money. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Snoopy’s Candy Town tips and strategies!

Buy as many bikes as possible
The bikes are responsible for bringing you the ingredients that you need for creating all the goodies in Snoopy’s Candy Town and you should buy as many as you can. Don’t hurry to upgrade them though – if you can spend some time in the game, the two default items that each bike can bring should be enough for quite a while. Only upgrade when the business is up and running and you have upgraded the other parts of your business.


Remove bad buyers
You spend a lot of time getting all those cakes and candies and jawbreakers, and you find out that one of your customers is willing to pay no more than 4 coins for them. That’s really not worth the trouble and you can do a lot better – simply tap the trash can button under the character’s image and you will remove it from the queue and a new one will take its place soon.

Always have ingredients coming
As I was saying when we talked about bikes, you will never have too many ingredients, so make sure that you’re always sending your bikes out to get them. Water and flour are the easiest to get and they are still the ones that you will need the most for a long time – so make sure you stock on those as much as possible. They are the base of everything else in the game and generally without them you can get stuck.

Always have your Candy Makers work on something
You should always build something – I generally don’t take the time to check out each order and complete it then move to the next one. I take a quick look at the queue (usually, you’ll need a lot of lollypops) and start working on as many as possible. Ideally, you should have a nice batch of everything and you will complete all orders easily. Only later on, when more complex recipes are available and the ingredients you use for them are harder to get (like pies and stuff), make sure you don’t have too many extra.

Upgrade Everything
Tapping on the rooms in your Store will bring up the upgrade menu. You will earn upgrade part simply by playing the game, and you should always keep an eye on what you can upgrade – ideally, you’ll start with the pantry, then the stock room, but since it’s not something you can really control, just upgrade whatever you can using those items. Make sure you don’t stack up too many, though, as you will run out of space for candies!

Make a lot of coins first
Everything that you have to purchase in the game is extremely expensive, and the customers don’t have much money to spend for your goodies. Therefore, make sure you don’t spend anything on stuff you don’t really need (decorations, for example) and instead upgrade your vehicles and new workers and new buildings, as you will unlock more as you go through the levels.

All in all, Snoopy’s Candy Town is a nice Time Management game that requires you to be as active as possible: the more often you play and the more orders you have, the more money you will generate and the more easier it will be for you to go through the game’s story. I’m just sorry that there are no real cheats for this game to help you progress even faster.



  1. To add to the bad customers, I also get rid of the customers that have items that take a long time to make. I make the shorter time stuff and only sell to people that want those items. Since I make money faster, I can buy the other stuff that take longer in the trading post.

    On a side note, has anyone maxed out one of the shops? If yes, how many beagle bucks did it take? The bikes/cars max out with 9 items, so I’m assuming the shops are the same.

  2. All my shoppers are gone! When I hit level 50, as the shoppers got their stuff they went away and are not walking around town either. The campaigners are in town but nobody is shopping any more. What’s up?

    • Once you have completed all orders, log out, switch device off and on again, log back in (through the start up screen) and you will get the wheel of fortune and a whole new batch of orders it makes it much more time consuming and harder to complete town tasks!

  3. I had the same problem , nobody was shopping anymore! (I am at level 27) But since today everything works again! I started the game and a wheel of fortune appeared! Now I have kids buying candy again and my campaigners are back to work!
    I do still have one question: does anyone know what is meant by: complete every special pink easter order??
    You can earn a statue if you complete every order before april 21st

  4. Hey ,

    I am up to 24 of the 30 town tasks, my campaigners aren’t working anymore. And a new town task wasn’t started. Actually I don’t know what it’s supposed to be. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you

    • My last two town tasks were at the stadium, but then mine stopped also. There should be at least 30 according to the prize claim. I’m not sure why they stopped though. The game changed about the time the Easter challenge started, so now I am not sure what it is supposed to do.

  5. Has anyone played everyday but notice snoopy is not giving you your daily rewards. Mostly when it’s time to get my beagle bucks he puts his bowl down then walks away! Is there something I am doing wrong or is snoopy cheating?


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