Sniper X Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Are you ready, Sniper X? Sniper X is a sniping game that puts you in control of the ultimate sniper. Action movie star Jason Statham is here to help you along the way, giving you tips how to refine your sniping skills. We’ll help out too with our Sniper X cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide. Grab your rifle, steady your aim, and let’s get started.

1. Go for Perfect Shots!

As you know, you should always be aiming for the heads of your enemies. Getting headshots grants you additional cash bonuses, but always try to go for perfect shots! Use focus to slow down and time and keep your reticle inside the red barriers. After a second of two you should notice a tiny little white crosshair in the middle of the head. Shooting exactly on this mark will result in a perfect shot, which awards you with gold, the premium currency!

2. Get the suppression upgrade!

The suppression upgrade will allow for silent shots. How many you get is reflective of how many upgrade points you put into the suppression tier. This can be extremely useful on certain missions, especially ones where you have camo snipers lying in wait. Suppression shots allow you to take out a target without alerting the whole area. Be careful though – this obviously won’t have any effect if you take out a target that’s standing right next to another one!

3. Utilize the red barrels!

Of course, in any good shooting game, you always have to include red barrels. Sniper X is no different, and you’ll often see these barrels lying around waiting to be utilized. Shooting these will immediately kill any nearby targets, and don’t underestimate their range! The explosions actually cover a pretty big area.

4. Prioritize threats!

As you learn in the tutorial, tagging enemies before taking your first shot is very important. You should always try to take out your objectives first, but if you get any targets that are marked THREAT, you should take THOSE out first! Threats are usually enemy snipers. If you take too long, they can zero in on your position and take you out! They should be no problem if you have suppression shots, as they are usually isolated by themselves on top of roofs.

5. Save your gold!

While you earn gold for every perfect shot and rank up you get, it’ll still be a while before you can actually buy anything meaningful. Some of the most powerful guns can only be bought with gold so start saving up. Don’t upgrade your existing guns with gold, only do it with money.

6. Need some cash? Do the side missions!

The green target missions are fixed missions that go towards the chapter’s completion. The side missions where you use secondary weapons, are not however, and can be repeated as much as you like. If you’re short on cash and you own one of the secondary weapons, these side missions are a good way to earn some extra money.

That’s all for Sniper X. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!

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Sniper X Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide



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