Step into the shoes of the world’s ultimate sniper with Sniper Fury! Sniper Fury is another entry into the ever popular first-person shooter genre. Locate your targets and take them out with extreme accuracy! The quicker you do the job, the more you get paid. Let’s get started with our Sniper Fury cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Prepare your first shot!

Before you take your first shot, take advantage of the quiet time. The enemy is not alerted to your presence yet, so you can scope out the environment. Use this time to locate all potential targets and make sure you know who to take down first. Don’t be hasty; set up a plan of attack before you jump in!

2. Use your thermal scanner!

On sniper missions, you have access to a thermal scanner. Toggling it on will make human targets stand out with glorious thermal colors. It makes it much easier to spot them out from the environment. Be careful though – it’s not infinite! There’s a guage below that shows how much time you have left on it. It refills after each mission. The most efficient way to use the thermal scanner is to zoom out all the way, then toggle it on. Quickly look around for targets, then turn it back off. Use it sparingly and it’ll help you greatly!

3. Don’t save your money!

As with other gun centric first-person shooters, you need to be constantly upgrading your gun in order to tackle the harder challenges. The second you can afford a new upgrade for any other your guns, do it! You’re going to need all the firepower you can get. It’ll also pay in the long run, because completing the missions more efficiently means more money!

4. Upgrade your base soldiers!

The soldiers you position in your base are not only important to keeping it safe from assaults, but they also generate gold – the premium currency of the game – over time. This is the main way to get gold without paying real money. The higher level your soldiers are, the more gold they generate. The trick is is that they COST gold to upgrade, but it’s worth it in the long run, as you’ll be earning back more than what you spend on them given enough time.

5. Play every day!

This game has a daily reward system, so try to open the game at least once every day. You’ll get a lot of goodies, including gold! Also you can use this time to collect the gold your soldiers generate over time. Remember that it has a maximum, so try to come back every now and then to collect it. Don’t waste a precious second!

That’s all for Sniper Fury! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. how do move to the next story after completing one. It shows me a pic of the next mission but when I click on it I go back to the completed one.

  2. I completed all the chapters. How to earn more and fast cash now? Need it severely!! Only getting 65k every 10 missions. I need 65 in minimum 4 missions. Please suggest something.

      • you can also use the support missions to generate xp and cash, however it is less tha te actual missions provide, also you may get the opportunity to watch a video to double your cash reward for free, make use of it when offered.

    • Jeff, 50 is the highest level atm for both to increase your base you need gold, you can still get troops that also maxout at 50 from events to 126###.

    • You need to kill more enemies by playing more missions and PVP(player vs player). That’s the only way to level up. If you’re stuck because you’re being required to upgrade your weapon then you have to do so. Use your hard-earned cash to upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. The game gives you the option to get new weapons from cash and rubies. Just a tip to earn cash without using real money, play the support missions and you have to be really patient. I’m at level 41 now as of this writing and I have not spent a dime. Enjoy the game!

    • Play PVP and buy battle packs. New soldiers show up in the elite and combat packs randomly. Use your earned money and rubies from missions to buy battle packs.

  3. I’m stuck on level 50 my gold stops at 15667k and it won’t increase any higher all my soldiers are all upgraded….pls help!!
    What else more do I do to get pass level 50

      • Nope…. max level is not 50…. I’m at 55 but it’s almost 100 million xp points to get to 56…. build your base, increase your vault to your level (50) max out your soldiers and work on your trophies I’m at gold 1 but keep getting whacked all day back to gold 2 it takes time, patience and probably a wrinkle or two…good luck

    • Base defense level goes hand in hand with the level in terms of kills as well as the number of gold that you have. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies. The only time for you to level up is to reach that goal. When you level up from your kills, that’s the only time that you can also level up your base defense. You will be prompted with messages/notes if you don’t meet the requirements for base defense level upgrade.

  4. Hi
    I am in lvl50 and want to increase levl to 51,please tell me and guide me fully how and with what steps i can increase lvl 50 to 51.please answer me as soon as pissible.

  5. I’m in the same boat, i see others leveling past 50 and I’m not sure what to do to get the higher levels. Do you have to join a clan to get the higher levels?

    • Hi Don, yes your right! Thought that was the case. Kept playing missions and Base Attacks to get the upgrade to the Cato Goal 5Gun! Now completed the Castle…. did a few more Base Attacks and finally levelled up to 52.
      Just have to do it all again now at the “Beach” Mission :) I’m in a clan too! Seeing soldiers come and go, it seems ok if your clan members log in on a regular basis !!

      Thanks for the Info that lvl 55 is the current max to!

  6. I’m stuck at lvl 50, and cant upgrade no matter how much gold I have from Base attacks to get to lvl 51, but reading all the above comments, I think its because I need to upgrade a gun in the “Castle” missions, as I cant complete the end story or some assault missions, because of the Cato Goal 5 gun.
    If I’m right in thinking this, I guess its the same at any level your stuck.

    Is anyone here enjoying being in a Clan ? Would be interested to know what you think ?

  7. Debbie, just do missions to get more exp. that will lvl you up. keep track by looking at your lvl on top of screen after each mission and you will see the amount change until you get 450l exp.. 55 not the max lvl.

  8. I am struggling to get past level 50 too. I have nearly 1600 league points and my experience is showing as over the amount that should be required to get to 51. My base squad members max out at 86600 but now I see lots of other players going beyond that with squad members having over 100,000. I have been attacking bases for weeks in pvp, I have maxed out my base level but still my game level won’t go over 50! How are you guys doing it.? Thanks

  9. Some fighters have (like medals) single uparrow icon in them and some have more arrow icon in them. Is it the medals? Will it help if I choose fighter with more arrow icons?

    • supreme or elite packs in shop (top middle of most screens) check ‘possible winning’ display and let it cycle through all possibilities. even if advanced squad member appears, you usually won’t get one – it’s like winning big at Vegas – rarely happens

  10. #3 is BS.

    If you want to play this game and not spend any of your hard earned cash, you have to do a lot of grunt work. When each mission stage is completed you can still access the contracts section. Each contract you chose to do requires shooting down anywhere from four to eight combatants to complete. At the end of the contract you are ‘rewarded’ with a cash payment (head shots bump up the final amount). It starts out really small on the first mission, requiring a lot of runs to amass any sum of cash you can work with. The amount increases each time you advance but the cost of stuff goes up too. From what I’ve figured out, buying combat packs will get you 10+ rubies for each $100K spent. That is a large sum but if you stick to it you give yourself a chance to advance. I can earn over $100K for each 10 contracts I complete. Then I wait for the energy to refill and run 10 more. I usually get a video option each time that generates almost $9K. I’ve got about $23M in my cash stash which is nice for upgrades and also represents about 2500 rubies. Rubies help refill energy requirements in any situation

    Yeah, it’s easy to spend a bunch of money to get all the fancy gear but if you’re a cheap SOB like me, it can be done without spending a dime. You just have to put in some time and do the scut work. The contracts are now my Zen time for practicing head shots on the run.

  11. Hey. I got squad mates with 3 and 2 stars. But once a 2 star guy reaches till 19k hp it days second max joe or watever not available and displays promote in bold and highlight. Is ther an option to promote them or not?

  12. Please I need help. I got to a place and the game is kinda stuck.
    It says “You’ve already got training token. Time to use it.”
    I then see a blinking arrow or something like that requesting me to press that area. I do but nothing and I’m not aallowed to go back too. Restarting the game changes nothing. Help from anyone would be much appreciated. Thank you

  13. click in left corner where the 3 lines are, click the person icon click recruit and Use code 9bed34 before you reach lvl 10 to gain a free chest box

    • @Ryan

      A bit late on the reply, so probably have sorted it out by now.
      In Clan wars, Tier 1 and 2 squadmates are killed. Tier 3 are missing in action and Tier 4 are wounded. You can only retrieve Tier 3 by using the recovery then med kit and 4 squadmates by using the med kit.

  14. I’m on level 29, I have lots of cash, gold and rubies. I paid for parts, have battle packs with the parts needed and shows in my inventory but It won’t upgrade my weapon. I’m trying to craft but it won’t apply the parts needed What do I do?

  15. I can’t start missions with my new rifles I’m trying to buy and craft…it keeps telling me to go to the armory… My salt rifles and sniper rifle’s need to be 250 K and I’m trying to buy new weapons but it won’t let me without the parts

  16. I am for ever up against drones and I lose because I time out. I hate when you’ve acquired the last target and it still times out… but the real question is – my drones are at base level. How do the drones get such high level. How can I increase mine?

  17. For the event “Top the Leagues”, all of the sudden it got disabled stating REQUIREMENTS NOT MET, where I am playing daily attacking opponents’ base. My base score was around 2765, and all of sudden it has now reduced to 2501 in a matter ofnjust 3 hrs.

    I dont have any clue what happened, and why that particular event is disabled.

    Kindly someone help me in answering this.

  18. I have multiple screens of “Consumables” and would really like to use some of the armour piercing bullets but don’t know how to ‘consume’/use them in a PVP scenario or even in Story/Sniper/Assault mode… help


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