Nestled deep past the big lake lies a garden maze where Sasquatch can find another map piece in Sneaky Sasquatch. If you’re having trouble finding this elusive maze, we’ve got you covered in our detailed guide on where the maze is in Sneaky Sasquatch. You’ll definitely want to give this guide a read if you’re looking for the map pieces.

How to find the Maze

Before you embark on your journey to find the hedge maze, you’ll need to purchase the oar from Raccoon’s shop first. You will have to row across the lake to find the maze, so without the oar you won’t be able to use the canoes. The oar can be bought for 50 coins.

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Once you have the oar, make your way to the middle of the campground from Sasquatch’s house. You’ll eventually reach an intersection with a sign that points south for the lake, so follow that down.

At the lake, follow the path until it reaches the docks. There will be a bunch of empty canoes nearby, so approach one and get in. Start rowing straight south, and eventually you’ll hit shore with a path that leads down.

You’ll be in a new area with a path that continues south. Keep following the path and eventually you will reach the hedge maze! The maze is fairly simply to navigate and shouldn’t take you too long to reach the end, where one of the treasure map pieces awaits you.

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