Sneaky Sasquatch: How to get rid of and get past Bees | Tips and Cheats


Sasquatch lives a simple life in the woods, but when his home park is in danger of being paved over, he must rise to the occasion in Sneaky Sasquatch! In this whimsical adventure of a Sasquatch trying to fit into human society, players will guide him as he attempts to scrounge up enough treasure and gold to pay off the corporates that want to remove the national park.

One such adventure has Sasquatch run into an angry beehive, and they are holding an important item that Sasquatch needs to complete the adventure. Don’t worry, as we’ll show you how to deal with the bees in our Sneaky Sasquatch guide on how to get rid of bees! There is unfortunately no way to get past the beehive, so getting rid of the hive is the only way to get around them.

Where to Find the Beehive

Sasquatch must find all of the map pieces to repair the torn map, and it will lead him to unspeakable riches that can be used to save the park! One such piece is lying near a beehive, but the bees seem especially busy today so they won’t let Sasquatch get near.

If you’re having trouble finding the beehive, make your way to the center of the park and head south. You’ll reach the massive park lake, and near the entrance you should see the tree with the beehive hanging from it.

How to Get Rid of the Bees in Sneaky Sasquatch

As we mentioned, Sasquatch will have no luck getting near the beehive to pick up the map piece. He needs a way to deal with them first, and conveninently enough there is a bear sitting nearby a little bit east of the beehive.

Talk to the bear, and he will agree to help you in exchange for a tasty fish. Grab the fishing rod and head to the nearby lake and fish up anything you see. You don’t need a specific fish to give to the bear, any fish will do. If you don’t know how to fish, make sure to read up on our detailed fishing guide!

Once you fish up something good, talk to the bear again and give him your fish. The bear will keep his end of the bargain and start pawing at the beehive, distracting the bees and giving you ample time to grab the map piece!

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Sneaky Sasquatch: How to get rid of and get past Bees | Tips and Cheats


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