Sneaky Sasquatch: How to Become a Ferry Captain


Sneaky Sasquatch’s 1.7.3 update brought a new quest: become a Ferry Captain. When the quest is complete you will receive a Captain uniform and the ability to rename the ferry!

Before you can become a Ferry Captain you will need to get yourself a boat license. To obtain a boat license you will need to first visit the large building found just before the visitors’ centre. Enter the building and speak to the person inside about taking a boating exam. They will offer you a contract to sign- just remember not to sign in the blank space or they will call the ranger and you will be in trouble! Take the exam by carefully driving the boat around the course and not hitting too many buoys. You should now have your license- congratulations.

Becoming a Ferry Captain

Now you have your license you can make your way to the Island Boat Club and speak to the Ferry Captain inside. He will tell you that he needs to take some time off the next day, and when he knows you have a boat license he will offer you the job.

Sneaky Sasquatch Ferry Captain quest complete!

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You can find the ferry parked at the Marine Port and you can take it from there to other docks around the map to pick up passengers. You will be paid for your work long as you take the passengers safely to their destinations. Do this 12 times and you will receive your Captain uniform and the ability to change the name of the ferry.

Now you can ride the ferry for free whenever you are wearing your Captain’s uniform!

Sneaky Sasquatch is available to play via Apple Arcade.

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Sneaky Sasquatch: How to Become a Ferry Captain


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