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Sneak Ops Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Sneak Ops Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Ready to go undercover, agent? Sneak Ops is a bite-sized stealth challenge with simple touch controls. New challenges are released daily, so check back into the game for more stealth action! Our Sneak Ops cheats and tips will show you how to master the ins and outs of being a stealth agent. They will never see you coming!

Like most stealth-based games, Sneak Ops is all about timing and patience. We will help you hone both those skills in our Sneak Ops cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Grab all the diskettes!

Often times you will be tempted to ditch diskettes and run right past them but we highly recommend taking the time to collect as many as you can. Not only do they count towards level completion (which affects your rank at the end of the level), but they also help you save the painless way – that is, without watching an advertisement.

Note that for the super tough diskettes you can also just grab them recklessly and get caught intentionally. Diskettes are immediately saved the second you grab them, so even if you are caught and sent back to the previous checkpoint, you will still have the diskettes in your inventory.

Use the sound panels to your advantage!

Sound panels will alert nearby guards to your location, and they will come over to investigate. While this sounds bad, you can actually use it to your advantage in some situations.

Sometimes the path ahead will be blocked by a guard that doesn’t move. Simply use the sound panel to make him come over and investigate. When he’s out of the path, slip past him and go for victory!

You can use this strategy in other places as well. If you ever hit a congested area with too many guards, simply look for a nearby sound panel and trick them!

Grab the floating item boxes!

Very rarely you come across a spinning item box. Grabbing these will activate a random power up for you, and these power ups are VERY useful so do not miss these!

Sometimes all the cameras in the level will be disabled for 30 seconds, or sometimes you will get a cardboard box that you can hide in, and occasionally you’ll even get a gun to fight back with!

Evade the heat!

When you are spotted, the base will go into alert mode and all nearby guards will be alerted to your presence. If you can stay out of line sight for about 5 seconds, alert mode will end and the guards will go back to their posts.

When you are seen it’s best to immediately duck into cover away from guards, or crawl into a tunnel. Tunnels are the best as guards cannot detect you in them, leading to an easy escape.

Knock out guards, but have a plan!

If you have the chance, it’s almost always beneficial to knock out guards on the spot. They will be stunned momentarily, but you should have a plan before you do this! Knocking out guards and hanging around for too long might make things worse, so have some restraint!

That’s all for Sneak Ops! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Sneak Ops Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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