Welcome to the multiplayer arena where you cannot see anyone… not even yourself! Enter Invisigun Reloaded, a top-down action shooter where invisibility is the name of the game. Sneak around and take out your opponents in a constantly evolving game of wits and diligence!

New cadets should start out in the single player “Hero’s Journey” mode, as this mode will gently introduce you to the unique mechanics of Invisigun Reloaded. This mode features tons of a puzzle levels and hectic boss fights that will test all of your skills!

Once a cadet is trained enough, they can hop online and challenge the world in online multiplayer. Choose from twelve different heroes, each with their own unique abilities that grant them an edge in battle, and battle it out with up to four players online.

Invisigun Reloaded is all about risk versus reward. You are invisible, but all it takes is one shot to knock someone out, so you need to be one step ahead of your opponents. Where are they? Where will they be? Which path are they going to try to take? You will need to keep all of these questions in your head as you play, as there is an endless amount of strategy involved.

To keep track of your character, there are little audio and visual cues to let you know things are moving around, like footsteps on the tiles, grass swaying, and more. A keen eye will help you spot players moving around, and from there you can trick them into running right into your line of sight. Beware – every time you fire your gun, you are revealed for a second, so make it count!

Stealth, trickery, cunning, and cleverness await you in Invisigun Reloaded, now available on the App Store.


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