Gargamel has unleashed an evil fog among the Smurfs’ world, and now it’s up to you to rescue them all! Smurfs Epic Run is an endless runner starring the true blue Smurfs! Run and jump your way through the Smurfs’ colorful world, all the while avoiding the evil fog! We’ll help you rescue all of the smurfs with our Smurfs Epic Run cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Complete those challenges!

Tapping the Papa Smurf icon at the top right corner will bring down the challenges screen. Challenges are optional objectives that you can complete during game play. It’s usually well worth your time to go after these, as they offer big coin rewards. You always have two static challenges, but the third one is a limited challenge, which means you only have a certain amount of time to complete it before it changes to something else. Try to do this one first as they’re usually worth gems!

2. Keep the Poet Smurf equipped!

The first Smurf with an ability you unlock is Poet Smurf. His ability allows him to glide in the air, which slows his descent. This ability is incredibly useful for tricky platforming and for reaching high up goodies. In fact, any Smurf with the glide ability is great to have and we suggest sticking with them for the time being.

3. Grab the end level present!

Right before the goal post, there will usually be a present flying high in the sky. Be on the look out for spring pads before the end of the level – jumping on those will usually take you to high enough to reach the present. These presents have scratch cards in them and you get to scratch them after the level is over. They have random goodies in them so always try to get ’em!

4. Trade your sarsaparilla!

After you beat level 8, you’ll unlock the Smurfs’ Farm. Here, all of the smurfs you rescue from the levels will be working to get you sarsaparilla. The more smurfs you rescue, the bigger your income will be. You can trade sarsaparilla for coins and treasure keys, so make sure to rescue as many smurfs as you can!

5. Don’t lose any smurfs!

One of the star requirements on the levels is usually to rescue all of the smurfs on the level. This means escorting them to safety. Remember that they CAN get caught on platforms, which is the most common way for them to get left behind in our experience. If the smurfs are off screen for even just a second, they will be lost to the evil fog! Stay ahead of the fog by making your jumps smooth. Watch out for the pink glue!

6. Always go the dangerous route!

During your runs, you may encounter a sign post that points in two separate directions. One of them will show a normal route, and the other will be painted an ominous red. It’ll also say DANGER! Let your sense of adventure take over and always go the danger route, as these routes almost always hide big coins or trapped smurfs.

7. Catch the flying key!

Occasionally you’ll see a key hovering above a level you’ve cleared in the past. If you attempt the level again, you’ll get to chase the key as it flies away. If you catch it, it’s all yours, but be careful! These levels are extremely dark and the only thing lighting the way are coins. You have to be extra alert to make sure you don’t trip into some random pothole!

8. Look for the shimmering sparkles!

On the level select screen, sometimes you might see a faint yellow glow somewhere on the map. If you tap it, you’ll earn a bunch of coins for your sharp eye! Be on the look out for these secret yellow sparkles.

That’s all of the Smurf rescuing tips we have for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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