Smoothie Swipe Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Three Star Levels


Smoothie Swipe is a sweet, sweet game that follows match three game mechanics and challenges us to collect as many fruits for delightful smoothies. I am here to help you get the three star ratings on all levels by sharing with you a set of Smoothie Swipe cheats and tips that will hopefully create an absolutely perfect Strategy Guide for you and you smoothie needs.

But let’s not waste any time talking and let’s check out below the Smoothie Swipe tips and tricks from Touch Tap Play!

1. Focus on completing the minimum requirements first
Your main priority is getting the minimum requirements per each level as soon as possible. This not only guarantees that you complete the level, but you also get to double scoring mode afterwards, which increases your chances of humongous high scores per level. So focus on meeting the requirements and, if possible, leave the big chains for later on when they will be worth much more.

2. Go for the longest possible matches
For every 5 fruits that you match in a row, you will create a lemon which gives you way more points than a regular fruit, when used in a match, So always try to go for the longest possible streak in order to create the most possible lemons, then collect them in huge swipes for huge high score boosts.

3. Timed levels are simple
They might not seem like that, but they are actually pretty easy: all you have to do in the timed modes is to be as fast as possible and create matches with the goals in mind. Speed is vital here since you have unlimited moves. Also, you can get a double scoring bonus too if you meet the minimum requirements before the time runs out, so you can go for huge scoring streaks in this mode as well. Just be fast and don’t overthink it if you don’t have to!

4. Use the Power-ups wisely
The power-ups are extremely useful in difficult situations, but most of the situations in the game are not as difficult as they seem and replaying a level might be the better choice because eventually you will make it! Power-ups are expensive, so make sure to only use them when you really have no other option or when you know you can’t pass the level without using one. Also, try to use the one that gives you the biggest advantage and try to stick to using no more than one power-up per level.

5. Create your own longer rows
If you focus on taking out one or two types of fruits, the other types will pile up, usually creating huge rows for you to take out. Always have a strategy and work your way on removing shorter rows in order to create a really huge one.

6. Replay easy levels for extra coins
The nice thing about Smoothie Swipe is that it allows you to replay any level and each time you play, you can earn coins that can be then used to purchase extra power-ups. This means that you should really pile up by playing over and over again a short level (one of the starting ones), getting several thousand coins that you can put to good use later one. And do it fast, this might change in future updates!

7. The extra lives cheat
If none of these tips and tricks work for you, you can still use a little cheat to get some extra lives for free. Simply quit the game when you run out of lives and go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by 60 minutes and restart the game. You will have a new set of extra lives to play with and hopefully improve your chances of winning the level you’ve been stuck at for a while.

And these are our Smoothie Swipe cheats and tips for you. If you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us by commenting below.

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Smoothie Swipe Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for Three Star Levels


  1. I have been on level 385, on smoothie swipe for over 6 months. Can you please let me know what I can do to pass it. Fixing to delete this game, that I like so much. Thank you.


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