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Smithing Master Guide: Tips & Tricks

Smithing Master Guide: Tips & Tricks
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I have always wondered how overpowered weapon smiths are in RPG settings, yet we rarely see games featuring characters with the smithing class or abilities related to forging. If you feel the same way as I do, Smithing Master might seem like a fun game.

Smithing Master is a medieval RPG-themed game where you play as a weaponsmith who can forge weapons, armor, and many other pieces of equipment. Instead of selling your gear, the main focus is on equipping them yourself and fighting monsters while adventuring through the world. In this guide, we share some helpful tips and tricks to help you get started with Smithing Master.

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Best Tips and Tricks for Smithing Master

I have already spent many hours playing Smithing Master to understand how the game actually works. If you are new to Smithing Master, you might feel overwhelmed by all the features available on the screen. Use our guide to get started in Smithing Master:

1) Learn about in-game currencies and items

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The first thing you need to understand is the game’s economy. Smithing Master has various currencies for you to collect. Like almost all mobile games, Smithing Master features a premium currency called Diamonds. These are among the most useful resources and are given out in large amounts during the early game stages. We recommend saving Diamonds instead of using them until you have progressed far into the game.

Apart from Diamonds, here are some other in-game currencies you need to know about:

  • Mithril: an item required for forging weapons, armor, and other gear
  • Coin: an item required for upgrading everything in the game
  • Pocket Watch: an item to skip 5 minutes of upgrade time for your forge
  • Enhancement Stone: an item used for upgrading armor and weapons
  • Plume: used for ascending and refining wings
  • Void Pupil: to unlock artifacts
  • Spirit Pet Eggs: unlock random spirits to help you in battle

2) Prioritize stats over rarity

While rare equipment is always alluring, you should prioritize using weapons and armor with better stats. In Smithing Master, you have a chance to forge weapons and armor with the following rarities:

Excellent Elite Epic Legendary Mythical Extraordinary Supreme Peerless

A high-level, low-rarity piece of equipment is almost always better than low-level but high-tier equipment. You will need the maximum possible stats to defeat enemies.

3) Rush to level 15 as quickly as possible

One of your first priorities should be to reach level 15 in Smithing Master, as it unlocks the auto smithing feature. Once you have unlocked auto smithing, Smithing Master turns into an idle RPG game. With auto smithing, you can choose the rarity of items you want to craft, and it only pauses when that rarity is successfully created.

Lower-rarity weapons will be turned into coins and XP to help you progress faster. By enabling auto smithing, you can go AFK and farm coins while also leveling up your character and obtaining high-quality equipment.

4) Upgrade your anvil

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The chances of obtaining rarer weapons depend on the level of your forging anvil. By upgrading your forging anvil, you will eventually be able to create weapons and armor of higher rarities like Extraordinary and Supreme.

Initially, you will mostly be crafting dull-looking Excellent and Elite weapons. With a few upgrades, your forging anvil will start producing Epic and Legendary weapons. Upgrading the anvil becomes a necessity as you will need the best possible gear to clear higher stages in Adventure mode. Moreover, equipment with higher rarity fetches a higher price and provides a large amount of XP.

5) Upgrade your weapon, armor, and wings

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Each time you complete 10 stages in Adventure mode, you earn Enhancement Stones. Use these stones wisely to upgrade your gear or wings. These upgrades will apply to any new item you create, so there’s no need to worry about losing or wasting Enhancement Stones.

6) Skip or speed up battles to save time

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Smithing Master’s battle system is automated but slow. Fortunately, the developers have given us the option to completely skip the battle. Look at the bottom right corner of the screen during a fight to see the skip button. If you want to watch a battle unfold, there is an option to increase the battle speed up to 3 times.

7) Equipment level is dependent on your level

Leveling up your character will allow you to craft higher-level gear. In Smithing Master, the equipment you craft is usually one level higher or lower than your character’s level. So if you are looking for higher-level weapons and armor, focus on leveling up your character.

That sums up our Smithing Master tips and tricks guide. Share your own tips and suggestions with the other players down in the comments section below!

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Smithing Master Guide: Tips & Tricks