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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Tier List | All Characters in the Game

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Tier List | All Characters in the Game
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Are you searching for the Snowbreak: Containment Zone tier list to discover the best characters? Look no further, as our comprehensive tier list ranks all characters from S+ to C tier. S+ tier characters represent the strongest units that are worth rerolling for, while C tier characters are suggested to be avoided unless you have a personal affinity for their character and playstyle.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone made its global debut on July 20, 2023, and quickly garnered over 500,000 downloads on the Google PlayStore alone. With the game out for a while now, we’ve had enough time to test the characters and discern their strengths and weaknesses. Read on to learn about the top characters and their rankings in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Tier List

S+Yao – Winter Solstice
Acacia – Kaguya
SFenny – Coronet
Marian – Swift
Enya – Big Sis
Ji Chenxing – The Observer
AFritia – Hush
Lyfe – Wild Hunt
Marian – Queen of Pain
Acacia – [Redacted]
Fritia – Little Sunshine
BLyfe – Wednesday
Fenny – Lionheart
Yao – Quiet Quitter
Cherno – Those Two
CHaru – “The Ace”
Nita – Hands

Let’s take a brief look at the characters in the S+ and S tiers, as they are the most potent units in Snowbreak: Containment Zone from a meta perspective. Players who prioritize high damage output and exceptional supporting abilities should consider forming a team composed of S+ and S tier characters.

Yao – Winter Solstice

Yao – Winter Solstice is a 5-star Thermal character who holds the title of the best DPS operative in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. When paired with her best-in-slot snipe, Space Cowboy, her damage output surpasses that of all other characters. Her ultimate skill, Searing Resurrection, boosts her damage while reducing incoming damage by 20%. Her Manifestation 1 is one of the finest Manifestations, increasing the duration and damage of her ultimate skill.

Acacia – Kaguya

Acacia – Kaguya is a 5-star Frost character who excels at supporting her teammates by freezing, debuffing, and crowd controlling enemies in her vicinity. Unlike Yao – Winter Solstice, Acacia – Kaguya’s Manifestations might not be game-changers, but they are far from subpar. She remains an exceptional unit regardless of her Manifestation level.

Players can opt to build Acacia – Kaguya as an AOE DPS or a support character. If you intend to use her as an AOE DPS, prioritize S-Energy Recovery in substats. The pistol, Pine Aurora, exhibits the best synergy with Acacia – Kaguya, increasing Frost damage and providing team-wide buffs upon using a support skill.

Fenny – Coronet

Fenny – Coronet is a 5-star Electrical character and functions as a remarkably self-sufficient DPS in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Her self-buffs alone allow her to swiftly dispatch bosses with substantial health pools. If you’re fortunate enough to acquire Sunny Payback from the gacha, Fenny – Coronet will prove more than capable against most foes. Even without Sunny Payback, she remains effective with Tiny Grains or Discordance.

Marian – Swift

Following Yao – Winter Solstice, Marian – Swift is an excellent choice for a sniper DPS. Marian – Swift is a 5-star Kinetic DPS character whose true potential lies within her Manifestations. Unlocking her Manifestations results in a tremendous improvement in damage output. Horn of the Orca stands as her best-in-slot sniper due to its synergy with her element and the impressive 21% boost to her Crit DMG. Wetland Park and Crystal Drill offer decent 4-star alternatives for Marian – Swift.

Enya – Big Sis

Enya can be played as a supporting character or an AOE Burst DPS. As a 4-star Thermal character, many players would likely already have access to her. Her support skill enhances Winter Solstice’s damage even further. Enya’s ultimate skill, Feathered Serpent, possesses substantial AOE damage scaling if you choose to build her as a burst DPS.

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Ji Chenxing – The Observer

Ji Chenxing is one of the two healers in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. As a 4-star Electrical character, she is ideally suited for a support build but can also function as an Auxiliary DPS. In addition to healing, she can provide buffs to party members. Trial’s Eve is the optimal 5-star weapon for her, while Strawberry Shortcake serves as a decent 4-star Assault Rifle for Ji Chenxing.

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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Tier List | All Characters in the Game