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Smite Season of Souls Strategy Guide – How to Take Advantage of New Features

Smite Season of Souls Strategy Guide – How to Take Advantage of New Features
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Smite’s 10.6 patch is almost here, and with it introduces the year 10 season 3 update, officially dubbed the Season of Souls. This season is all about the Underworld, and Conquest maps now feature several new game-changing map mechanics. Here is how to take advantage of new features in our Smite Season of Souls strategy guide.

Smite Season of Souls new map mechanics guide

The first part of Season of Souls is now underway, and this part introduces the new map mechanics. Most Smite seasons happen over numerous months, and Season of Souls is no different; a brand-new hero, Charon, is scheduled to arrive in July.

Let us get right into it with the new map mechanics. Season of Souls brings three new map mechanics: Soul Surges, the Stygian Beacon, and the Unleashed Titans.

How to take advantage of Soul Surges

Whenever a God falls in battle, a Soul Surge is created where they were slain. Soul Surges look like a large greenish-gray circular area, covered by a thinly veiled dome. Soul Surges can occur on any map.

Any Gods standing inside the Soul Surge gain increased movement speed and damage towards Gods with low health. If you are inside a Soul Surge and are wounded from battle, it is best to evacuate quickly to avoid getting finished off!

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Only one Soul Surge can be active at a time, and they stick around for a little while. While they are active, Spirit Minions pour out of the center of the Soul Surge, attacking anything they see. Gods can slay the Spirit Minions for bonus XP and gold.

If a second God is slain while there is already a Soul Surge active, the current Soul Surge grows in size and its duration is extended. It does not matter where God dies for this effect to occur. After a Soul Surge expires, a global cooldown goes into effect for both teams.

Soul Surges are an interesting new addition, and the best time to take advantage of them is during big team fights. If your team manages to get the first kill in a skirmish, the Soul Surge’s bonuses can help you finish off any stragglers.

How to take advantage of the Stygian Beacon

Stygian Beacon and Unleashed Titans are new map mechanics that only occur in Conquest. The Stygian Beacon is located near the center point of the mid-lane, and it is a “king-of-the-hill” type of objective.

Once the Stygian Beacon activates, stand inside its objective zone to slowly capture it over time. If there are enemy Gods in the objective zone as well, you must outnumber them or force them out of the zone to continue capturing the Stygian Beacon.

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The team that manages to successfully capture the Stygian Beacon gains a permanent stacking buff that increases damage dealt to enemy Towers, Phoenixes, and Titans. They also gain bonus gold and XP. The Stygian Beacon activates a total of three times per Conquest match.

As you can see, the team that captures the Stygian Beacon gains significant lane-pushing power. It is crucial to fight for the Beacons as they activate and make sure you do so with as many teammates as possible to ensure you are fighting at full power.

With that being said, sending the entire team to capture the Stygian Beacon may not always be a good idea. While capturing the Stygian Beacon is guaranteed, your team may miss out on the normal map objectives, like the Gold Fury. You will need to assess the situation and decide on the fly what the best course of action is.

How to take advantage of Unleashed Titans

After the final Stygian Beacon is captured, the mythical Titans will break free from their chains! The lane that has the most structures still standing at this point of the game is highlighted, and the Titans begin their march down it.

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Both teams have their own respective Titan. The Titans meet in the middle of the highlighted lane, where they battle it out in a duel to the death. Your entire team should push forward with your Titan, as you can help take down the enemy Titan.

Of course, expect the entire enemy team to be there as well, so be ready for a massive fight. When a Titan goes down in the lane, it retreats back to its base to recover. Continue pushing toward the enemy base and slay the Titan once more to win the game!

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Smite Season of Souls Strategy Guide – How to Take Advantage of New Features