Best Builds for The Morrigan in Smite – Build Guide


Smite is an amazing MOBA game where you can play various gods from different mythologies and in this article, we are going to talk about The Morrigan. It seems that there are many players who would like to learn how to play this famous goddess from the Celtic pantheon. This guide will tell you about the best builds for The Morrigan in Smite.

Best Starting Items for The Morrigan in Smite

At the beginning of the match, you will need to buy a few starting items. These should help you to defeat your enemies in the early game. Here are the recommended starting items for The Morrigan in Smite:

  • Sands of Time
  • Spellbook
  • Healing Potion x2
  • Mana Potion

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Best Items for The Morrigan in Smite

The Morrigan is a mage that is able to defeat your enemies in a few seconds. So, your items should improve her abilities. Here is the list of the best artifacts for The Morrigan in Smite:

  • Pendulum of Ages (Upgraded Sands of Time)
  • Book of Toth (Upgraded Spellbook)
  • Spear of Desolation
  • Polynomicon
  • Spear of the Magus
  • Rod of Tahuti

Best Relics for The Morrigan in Smite

Relics are special items that allow your character to use certain abilities. However, they usually have long cooldowns. So, you will need to choose these artifacts wisely. The Morrigan is a squishy character and we would recommend you improve her survivability. Here are the best relics for this goddess:

  • Aegis of Acceleration in Smite
  • Temporal Beads

Best Skills for The Morrigan

The Morrigan has great skills that deal lots of damage. We would recommend you focus on leveling up Deadly Aspects and Dark Omen. This combination allows you to deal decent damage to your enemies. However, you shouldn’t forget about other abilities as they are good as well.

The Morrigan is a squishy but powerful mage who can be a great Mid Laner. Hopefully, this guide will help you to make the best build for her. Also, you could check our guide on the best gods in this game. Good luck with your further matches in Smite!

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Best Builds for The Morrigan in Smite – Build Guide


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