Smash the School comes from the creators of Smash the Office and the game mechanics are similar, so the fun is guaranteed in this great smashing game. But we are here to talk about something even more important: Smash the School cheats and tips that will be grouped in this article to create the complete strategy guide for those playing the game and wanting to get the most out of it: like the highest score in Smash the School, best outfits and, of course, best weapons.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Smash the School tips and tricks below!


1. Purchase the Time Upgrade ASAP
Out of all the upgrades, the Time upgrade is guaranteed to be with you in every game that you start and even though we’re only talking about a few seconds per (pricy) upgrade, these few seconds can matter a lot when it comes to getting a huge high score, so don’t even think about it and invest in the Time upgrade for as many times as possible, as early as possible.

2. Weapon upgrades come second
I am not sure if it’s just my mind playing tricks, or the normal thing happening, but every new weapon that I purchase seems to be better than the previous one, causing more damage. So I would suggest getting to the Hockey Stick next before purchasing any other upgrades. The idea is to be able to make as many gold coins per game as possible, and a good weapon will help you achieve that.

3. Fire extinguishers are your friends
The first thing I look after when entering a new room is a fire extinguisher. If there’s one (or more), make sure you get there ASAP and hit them for the bonus gained from their explosion. Hot, free points are to be rewarded this way!

4. In-room Boosts are your friends too
The second thing I look after are the boosts – you see them flying in the room (although they are sometimes hidden behind blackboards) and those should be always collected as they help you improve your score and get more coins. Pro tip: see what boosts appear the most in your game and upgrade them in the Main Menu to increase their duration.

5. Optimize your hits
Make sure that whenever you hit, you’re in the position that causes the most damage (you have a lot of items around you). The trick is to optimize your hits as much as possible and simply ignore those isolated ones. Go for groups!

6. Collect the coins
In the end, coins are what help you get better, so make sure that you collect all the coins dropped by the things you smash, and you don’t leave any behind. Do you find one room with rows of coins? Spend all the time needed to get them ALL!

7. Ignore the difficult to smash objects
Do you know those lockers that take forever to break? Ignore them, unless you have a power-up active, one that helps you break them easily. Calculate the points and coin gains and ignore those obstacles that are not worth it. It’s best to fly through the rooms and hopefully find a power-up or a coin room instead of insisting on completing each room.

8. Don’t use the start-up Boosts
At least not until you get some really decent bonuses and weapons, otherwise you’re just spending money for little returns. The idea is to make those start-up boosts counts, and unless you are of a high level, you won’t manage to do it. So save your money for upgrading stuff!

9. What upgrades to get
There are four different upgrades that you can purchase, and the order I’d recommend you to get them in (unless you seem to get a particular one more often, in which case you should upgrade that one): Time, Party, Speed, Freeze and Magnet. Try getting them all to level 2 or 3, then max them out in this order.

And this would be all that we have for you now in terms of Smash the School tips and tricks, if you have other strategies that work for you, please share them in the comment section below!



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