I absolutely love Smash Hit and I am sure you do too as it is a truly unique and amazing game. It’s also very difficult, so I am here to share with you a complete set of Smash Hit cheats: actually, a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get the best distance ever and get your name up there on the leaderboards. It won’t be easy and it will still be you who will be doing the heavy lifting, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help you a bit.

So let’s check out below the Smash hit cheats: tips and tricks to get the best distance!

1. Don’t waste the balls
This is probably the best advice anyone can give you: the more balls you have stacked up, the better. Try to get as many as possible during the early stages and not to waste them. In other words, make sure that you make every hit count and you don’t miss too much. Also, don’t break everything around as not all obstacles will hit you! So don’t throw the balls like crazy, make sure you collect all the crystals (for every 10 in a row, you get the double ball which is really useful) and stay focused.

2. Don’t break everything
I said it at the first point, but this really is an important thing to know: not all obstacles will hit you, so you don’t have to break everything. Try to anticipate their movement and get ready to hit.

3. Always be ready to throw a ball
There are stages where you will suddenly find yourself faced with a wall that appears from the top or bottom, and you have to be quick to break it and not hit it and lose 10 balls. Therefore, always be alert and ready to throw a ball.

4. Use the super balls/boosts when needed
There’s no point in using the boosts (aka super balls) as soon as you get them and it’s actually a pretty good idea to save them for when they are really needed. The infinite balls (tap an hold to constantly shoot) are extremely useful, but I found little use of the time slowing power-up, while the bomb ball isn’t too useful either, but good when you have sets that have to be destroyed. Learn the super balls and hold onto them for when they really are needed. Also, if you are low on balls, you can use these to get some free balls.

5. Learn to aim
Probably the most important Smash Hit tip that can be given is that you should learn how to aim. The physics of the game are really well done, so you should have in mind the trajectory a ball would have in real life. Therefore, for the crystals or obstacles that are way ahead, aim a bit higher and let gravity do the work. In most cases, waiting for the last second to shoot is not the best idea. In most cases, because when we’re talking about moving glass walls, that’s when you should hit – just when you’re about to go through them.

6. Shoot and forget
My biggest mistake during the first few plays was to shoot and watch the ball go towards its destination. But the best thing to do is to “shoot and forget”: tap the screen to send the ball where you want to and immediately tap the screen again towards a different target, if there’s one. This means that you have to be solid at aiming, but if you can do this, you will get all those crystals and break all the difficult obstacles (like the massive hammers) in no time.

7. Learn the weak spots
Later on, after the 4th or 5th checkpoint, the real obstacles appear. They do have weak points and there are strategies that work better than others. For example, those squares that are held in for corners are easier to blast through with one wall through the middle than trying to take them down completely by shooting the corners. The hammers require precision as they’re constantly moving, but not all of them will hit you. Try and find the weak spot of every obstacle and you’ll do just great.

8. Premium for Pros
Smash Hit is amazing and offered for free without ads or any annoying IAPs. However, you can’t save your checkpoints and you will always have to start over from scratch. It’s a good thing for the first few tries as you learn to save as many balls as possible for the later stages, but eventually it will become difficult. So if you want to continue from your last checkpoint and easily get a best distance score, get the Premium version and enjoy this amazing game.

These would be for now our Smash Hit tips and tricks. Do you have other strategies that work for you? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. – When you get multiple balls, try to hit multiple targets in one shot by throwing earlier. They will spread out and cause greater damage like this.

    – When you see the entry doors, practice being able to hit the button(s) early, you do not want to aim at the last second when you’re going fast as you’ll lose 10 balls for a missed shot by hitting the doors.

    – use the blast balls to take out the huge metal cylinders in one shot (don’t hit the supports, just the cylinder)

    – If you get through a checkpoint with very few balls, redo the checkpoint. It’ll save you a lot of frustration when you reach levels 7,8,9 if you have more than say, 50 and multiple balls.

    – Immediate left side triangle through doors! This is a sneaky one when you reach infinity and causes you to lose your multiplier regularly. Have a blast ball ready when going through doors that have platforms immediately on the other side, there are hidden triangles on the left that you can hit without seeing if you shoot left – literally the moment you’re through. Trust me, this will help you get beyond 12000 points.

    – Hanging, single-thread square: hit this just where it’s being held up so it falls down; instead of swirling around aimlessly and no doubt whacking you as you pass it.

    – Save nothing unless you absolutely must, it’s sometimes too easy to accidentally press the button in the lower middle when aiming for a ball down below. And because the icons line up, there’ll be less space you can safely aim without activating one.


  2. In infinite mode after the 4th or 5th door I always lose my multibal for no reason. I cant see any crystals that need to be hit. Is this by design?

  3. A small cheaty tip… If you mess up (for example getting hit or losing your multiball) immediately come or of the game and close the app, then load it again. You’ll be back at the beginning of the small section you were in, with the balls you started it with.
    Works for me on s3 mini and moto g 2nd edition both with the pro version.
    I got to 19125 on mayhem setting, doing this because I was bored in bed. Dunno If that’s a high score but it’s good for me – I’m generally rubbish at games like this

  4. A game with a really simple objective but creatively done with plenty to keep you from getting bored. I have found that this is one of those apps that is just worth the 1.99 to get the premium version. We’re up to level 11 and I’m freaking because there’s only 12 total…. I NEED MORE LEVELS!!! lol I really hope the guys who developed Smash Hit will come out with more levels or an updated version of the game that goes on longer. Me & my kids LOVE competing with each other in this game! Great job, guys.


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