Smash Bandits is the game that I kept playing for the past 2 hours and I still didn’t get enough of it. I decided to take a break and rest my eyes though and share with you these Smash Bandits cheats: a set of tips and tricks that will help you cruise through the game, get rid of those police cars and cause as much damage as possible. I know it’s mostly skill based, but there are some things that you might have missed which could improve your game.

These being said, let’s pursue our bandit careers and let’s check out below a set of Smash Bandits cheats: tips and tricks for endless runs!

1. Smash with caution!
This might sound like a strange tip to start with for a game called “Smash Bandits” but it is really important: you only have a limited amount of powerful smashes that your car can handle (5, to be precise) so you should really try and not waste them in crashing into other cars on the road, rocks or trees. You will generally lose 1 smash whenever you go through a cop car barrier unless you go straight through the middle, and you’ll probably hit the stinger every now and then, so it’s better to reduce random smashing as much as possible.

2. Avoid police barriers
These are the nastiest things to go through because they will damage your car. However, some barriers have small spaces near them so you can by them. In other cases, it might be good to simply find a different route.

3. Watch out for red cops cars!
Whenever a cop car turns red, it means that they’re about to ram you. So try to lose them or ram them back (I always play with the ram upgrade, it’s totally worth it!)

4. Beware of parked police cars!
Those cars will cause damage with the Stinger – the spiky thing that they’ll put on the road to slow you down. The good thing about the stinger is that it can always be avoided and even better, if you manage to push a cop car over it, that car will take damage

5. Get free bandit chips!
You can watch some commercials to get some free Bandit Chips or money. I’d go for the premium currency though since the least you can do is get 1 extra run in the cop car per each ad you watch!

6. Get the Sports Compact Car ASAP
There is really no need to upgrade and invest too much in the yellow economy car because you will want the Sports Compact car instead which has more room to grow and at 10,000 bucks it’s really cheap. I would therefore suggest getting it as soon as possible and upgrade everything three times before purchasing the real car, the Sports Sedan.

7. Gadgets to use
In my case, I start all my races with the RAM gadget and I’d recommend you do the same too. At 500 it’s totally worth it as it helps me get further in the game and brings in some extra coins. Never since I started playing this game I made less coins than the cost of the RAM gadget, so you’ll always be on a profit. The others should be used just to complete the missions, with the note that the Tank Stash can be pretty useful if you get to use it (it turns your car into a TANK)

8. Complete challenges!
The more challenges you complete, the more premium currency you get. It’s pretty simple. So always keep an eye on those challenges and complete them. Never skip any, even if it seems impossible to complete: you will eventually do it!

9. Fast speeds are not always the best option
Strangely, I found out that if I stop my car, the police cars will stop as well. Also, if you drive slower, it’s easier for you to control your car and the risk of getting random damage from steering or jumping into the sea is minimized. So don’t go at maximum speed, take your finger off the acceleration button and you’ll get far!

10. Get the most out of the boat driving
Every now and then you will get the chance to drive the boat. Before the timer gets to zero, you can do whatever you want as there will be no cops chasing you on the water – so make sure you cause as much damage as possible before getting back into your car.

11. The first continue might actually worth it!
I’ve had great results using the first continue for just 1 Bandit Chip after my car was wrecked. You get to keep all the boosts that you have (including the Tank) and you will surely get farther in the game.

12. Add friends on Facebook
Friends can help you reduce the wanted level and therefore let you play more often.

And this is it, these are our Smash Bandits cheats and tips for a better strategy. Let us know what would you add to the list to help us improve our runs!

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  1. To reduce wanted level you can Go to settings and its date and time and put your time up about four hours or a day then go back to the application and then it will reduce all your stars then you clear app hostorygo back to settings and go back to date and time and click time and click it back to normal automatically so then you’ll do it for you

  2. To get the tank follow the white arrow that normally leads you to the next checkpoint. With the tank gadget equipped, the arrow will sometimes point to the tank box that you have to smash to become the tank. Hope this helps :-)


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