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Smartphone Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Launch the Best Phones

Smartphone Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Launch the Best Phones

Are you looking for some Smartphone Tycoon cheats and tips for the hit simulation game launched by Roastery Games? Well, that’s exactly what we are planning to offer here in our complete strategy guide to building the best phones and ruling the tech world!

Smartphone Tycoon is an amazing strategy/simulation game for Android created by Roastery Games. In this game, you are challenged to launch your own company and compete with the giants in the smartphone industry to sell as many phones as possible and become number one in the world.

This surely sounds difficult – and it is – so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Smartphone Tycoon tips and tricks below.

Always hire the best staff
Probably the most important part of the game is having the right staff for the job. The better their experience and rating combo, the better they will be at giving you points in Design and Tech and fix Bugs fast.

My take on staff is to always check out new employees every two-three phone launches, fire the ones that have lower stats than the existing staff, then hire better staff. This way, you will always have an amazing team delivering great products that critics will love.

What to do when not all employees are working
There is a bug in Smartphone Tycoon that doesn’t allow all employees to work after expanding to a larger office and/or hiring new people. If that happens, the quality of your smartphones will be lower since not all your staff will produce points.

In order to fix this bug, as soon as it is happening, simply force quit the game then re-launch the application and continue your game. All staff will be working – and you can see that they do if points are created over them.

Managing marketing campaigns
Marketing campaigns seem to influence both fan count but also sales, although I still haven’t managed to crack this nut. Early on in the game only go for the magazine ads in order to keep costs low and only go for the higher cost marketing campaigns when you have a really solid product launched.

A good trick to keep your fan counts high and minimize the fan drops during the creation of a new smartphone is to start a campaign towards the end time of the sales of your current smartphone.

If you are fast enough, you can tap just as the smartphone sales blurb goes away, marking the end of the shell life for that smartphone. Choose a marketing campaign then and your fan count will still go up for a while.

Research when you have money
Research is extremely important if you want to keep up with the competition and deliver amazing smartphones. However, it’s not very important early on in the game, when your focus should be on creating best selling phones.

Therefore, you can safely go into creating a few smartphones without investing anything in research and only afterwards, when you have the budget, buy some upgrades.

From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t really matter what upgrades you get. The game is unfortunately so random that nothing you do seems to matter and there’s no way to predict what type of phone to release.

So the research is mostly for roleplay value at the moment, only letting you build the smartphone of your dreams but without having any actual effect on the gameplay.

Don’t hold a conference early on
After a few successful launches, you will have the option to hold a conference for 3 million, presenting your smartphone to the public.

When you will first get this option, you will probably have a low fan base so it’s not really worth doing this. A waste of money with no actual effects on sales (or at least no visible effects), so don’t do it!

Designing the best smartphone
The biggest problem with Smartphone Tycoon has been already presented above. It seems to be completely random and there is absolutely no way for you to anticipate the features or type of phone you have to design to be successful.

No matter what you choose, the reviews you get (which influence the amount of phones you will sell) seem to be completely random as well.

Therefore, the single most important thing when launching a new phone on the market is choosing the right budget.

Which is also a gamble, since you don’t know how the random reviews will turn out: usually, going with a 60% budget is the safest bet as you minimize losses in terms of a failed launch and still get the chance for nice profits otherwise.

In terms of features, operating system and design… nothing seems to really matter. I have created smartphones with all options to 1 (meaning that I chose the worst possible features) and I got glowing reviews sometimes, with experts calling my phone one of the best on the market, while usually going for the best features I have unlocked sometimes resulted in experts calling my phone sub par and not that powerful.

So all I can recommend here is to try and deliver average phones: don’t go to any extremes, keep costs low and don’t get greedy with profits and you will do better.

Whenever I risked it with phones that were expensive to make, even if I kept profits to a minimum, the reviews and sales were usually bad. Whenever I built average phones, things went better.

I am really curious to hear what you have to say about this and if you managed to find some sort of thing that generally works when it comes to getting good reviews for your phone models. I am sure that together we might crack this (unless it is as I am afraid it is – totally random).

This is everything that we have, for now, in terms of Smartphone Tycoon tips and tricks. If you have extra strategies that work, let us know by commenting below!

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Smartphone Tycoon Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Launch the Best Phones


  1. If you quickly tap the screen below your office after receiving the critics reviews, the review screen will appear again with brand new ratings. Do this a few times and you can get 10/10 for every phone you make.

  2. There is some bug …
    When the critics review shows and you close the game if you play game again, your smarphone already sell but no money that i get and i can’t make new Smartphone because it’s said “you must wait until end of sale” …
    Seriuosly,, i’ve been waiting 3-4years …

  3. It is an absolutely easy game! You only have to make a smartphone with the highest tech, than don’t be afraid to max the price of it (because the critics are totally random…), and always make only with 40% of your budget! If the critics says it is a great smartphone, than you can decide how much money you want to send on marketing. Like: 10/10 5 million, 10/6 1 million, and so on… Just try it;) have fun!

  4. Why is my money gets low vey fast in the very beginning of the game, when I click the newspaper ads in marketing my money drops from 12m – 8m? Pls help ;(

  5. When it was time to choose how many phones to make I accidentally exited it out. Now when I choose make a new phone it says the previous batch needs to be sold out but no phones are selling

    • You need to click randomly anywhere and select ‘smartphones’ in the window that pops up. A list will appear with all your created and released smartphones. Go to your last and current selling phone and click ‘stop selling’ if you aren’t getting any more money. This will allow you to make another smartphone.
      Hope this helps.

  6. I have over a trillion dollars on this game. After hitting rock bottom, I started just jacking up the price to max and kept doing that to get myself out of the money grave.
    Really, just jack up prices, make the most expensive phones, you instantly have infinite money. I couldn’t use it up if I tried. Now to work on getting more fans….

  7. Whenever i want to create a new smartphone it shows wait untill the sale of first batch and there is no sale after some rime what to do very frustrated

    • You need to click randomly anywhere and select ‘smartphones’ in the window that pops up. A list will appear with all your created and released smartphones. Go to your last and current selling phone and click ‘stop selling’ if you aren’t getting any more money. This will allow you to make another smartphone.
      Hope this helps.
      That’s not really a bug. You need to stop selling the previous smartphone to make another one.Dunno why it isn’t automatic.

  8. What is the Maximum upgrade we can do?
    Currently for some research items it is showing 200 research points required. Any suggestion on what is the maximum?

    • Click the hat icon on the bottom right corner. There you will be presented with features that can be upgraded and used when creating a new phone. You will also find an upgrade for screen technology. Screen resolution. Front and back camera upgrades. These upgrades cost 1million $ and some of those ‘hats’ (im not sure what they are) but the cost will increase as you upgrade more.

  9. The best way i found to do this is (make a decent phone, but dont max everything out, in fact they gave you the trashy camera and screens for a reason)make the sell price max, every once in a while the critics will say that it is too expensive but as long as you always improve the phone a little bit at a time, it will be successful.


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