Small Fry is a really fun and addictive endless runner set in the ocean (and space, just because you are a fish who can). I am here to share with you a set of Small Fry cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get as far as possible and never see the shark again. Which will never happen, but the farthest you go, the better. So let’s not use any time and let’s jump straight into our Small Fry tips and tricks article!

1. Avoid the water
It might sound strange since you are a fish, but you are safest while in air and you should do your best to say up for as long as possible. This means to jump on bubbles above the water, then go even higher in space into a bubble and avoid asteroids for as long as possible. This is your safest bet if you want to reach thousands of meters easily.


2. Pop balloons in a row
The more you pop balloons, the faster you go and the better the chances to escape the shark. Try to pop at least three balloons in a row when above water in order to increase your speed, but be careful that if you hit a fish or any other obstacle, your speed boos will vanquish and the shark will come again after you.

3. Start your jumps early
The easiest way to get ahead is to jump out of the water early and catch the early balloons. You can go in space quickly this way and go as far away as possible.

4. Control your jumps in mid air
If you tap and hold the screen while in the air, you will go down faster. Use this for your own advantage to time your landing on other bubbles, which in turn will help you go higher.

5. Use the free boosts after you’re good at the game
You will receive a new Boost that you can purchase each time you start a new run (with each boost having the first three uses free). Make sure not to use them as soon as they are awarded – first increase your knowledge on the game and skills, only then use them to get some super high scores!

6. What power-ups to buy
If you hit the Upgrade button, you will get the chance to buy power-ups. I would suggest starting with the Spawn rate, because you want more power-ups in the game. Then follow it with the Boost, as speed is extremely important in the game. Outfits are there just for the fun of it and you should never spend money on challenges!

7. Beware of exclamation marks
Exclamation marks are there to indicate the direction from where a fish moving to the left will come from. Use them as a guideline and stay away from that area or you’ll get hit.

These would be our tips and tricks for Small Fry for iOS. We really hope that they will help you play a better game and go as far as possible.



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